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Li Chen attended the event said nothing about Fan Bingbing’s response to run male – substitution entertainment   Sohu; Li Chen attended the event said nothing about the Fan Bingbing Sohu entertainment news (Jiang Jiamin Ming arts video) in October 25th, Li Chen, He Sui and other stars to appear in Beijing, attend a brand fashion show. Recently, Fan Bingbing because of propaganda "I am not Pan Jinlian" were advised to leave things and become the focus of the public, but whether it is Fan Bingbing himself, as her boyfriend Li Chen seemed to downplay the matter, the event, Li Chen for about Fan Bingbing’s problems are not respond. But Li Chen or Angelababy pregnant who came to participate in the running man to answer the question, he said, and now he is not clear, and other official notice. Fashion show scene   in October 24th, the media exposed Fan Bingbing in a university to participate in the "I am not Pan Jinlian" promotional roadshow, by the organizers of the advise from. After the news leaked, Fan Bingbing for the first time on the hot search, but also Public opinions are divergent. an explanation of the incident. Fan Bingbing did not respond directly, but on the micro-blog made a very good, are not easy, the text, the suspected response to the matter. As a boyfriend Li Chen also forwarded immediately, and wrote: it is not easy, and it also proves that you are you, unique you." Strength of a girlfriend. But in the evening to attend the activities of Li Chen Fan Bingbing but refuses to talk about, even the media asked whether Li Chen day dress is Fan Bingbing collocation problem, was also discourage staff. As for the running man, Li Chen is happy to respond. Since Angelababy is pregnant, all the people in the discussion in the end who will replace her, the network has repeatedly exposed the various replacement candidates. Li Chen, as one of the seven men running in response to the matter, said he is not clear, to wait for the TV station notice. He also revealed that the next season of running men should wait until next year to record. A few days ago, Chen also blessed with a son, Li Chen this is humorously replied: "my grandmother!" He also revealed that the recent will go to Shanghai personally congratulate chen.   相关的主题文章: