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Wealth-Building Learning how to use the correct language and self-talk in relation to money is one of the critical steps to financial freedom for any coach, trainer or therapist. Money is simply a form of energy and it moves into or out of your life in relation to the vibration of your current thoughts and words. This key principle can take a little while to grasp, but mastering your language and thinking in relation to money will pay massive dividends on the journey to financial freedom. The words and thoughts we use are very powerful determinants of how we feel, the actions we take and therefore the results we create in our lives. To attract and retain money in your life, its vital to think and speak words of abundance and prosperity. Hence the words the secret to money is to have some but you can also have money in your mind in order to attract and retain more in the physical world. Imagine and really feel what it will be like to drive your dream car, live in the dream house and enjoy earning the level of passive in.e you desire. Conversely by speaking and thinking words of lack or limitation, it will be impossible to attract and retain more money in your life. The vibration of your thoughts and words literally attracts more of what you are thinking and talking about. This is one of the reasons why its most important to be around successful and positive-minded people on the journey to financial freedom. Hanging around with and joining in the conversations of people who spend time .plaining and using the language of lack and limitation can only attract more of the same into your life. Be very specific about the amount of money that you desire by when and what you intend to deliver in return for that specific amount of money. This is the most important message delivered by Napoleon Hill in his classic book with the intriguing title Think And Grow Rich. Hill interviewed literally hundreds of the worlds most successful people in the 1930s in order to summarize the key thought and language patterns that successful people use to achieve financial freedom and be.e truly wealthy. Being specific about what financial freedom means for you as a coach, therapist or trainer involves sitting down and adding up the monthly passive in.e required to fund your desired lifestyle. Start by working out how much you need in order to fund the current lifestyle entirely from passive in.e. Its probably much less than you think, especially if there are some areas of life can be simplified. Once youve achieved financial freedom, and then focus on building wealth and greater abundance, freed from any thoughts, words and feelings of lack and limitation. Using positive thought and language patterns in relation to money is certainly one of the easiest and most powerful ways to achieve financial freedom . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: