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The Carling Cup – Sturidge 2 ball in the box of Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham out of 2 Sturidge ball, Liverpool 2-1 win over Tottenham sina sports news Beijing time at 02:45 on October 26th (UK local time 25 19:45), the 201617 season England League Cup fourth round a focus of the war to compete at Anfield stadium, Liverpool home court 2 1 Lectra Tottenham, Sturidge the plum to open two degrees, Jansen pulled one back. Liverpool nearly 8 times against Tottenham scored 5 wins and 3 draws, of which nearly 3 times were draw. Both the Carling Cup 7 times against Liverpool only in the 1982 League Cup final win over Spurs, the rest of the 6 war in warfare in 2 flat 4 negative disadvantage. This is the 165th confrontation between the two sides, after Liverpool’s 75 wins, 42 draws and 47 losses dominate. Liverpool replace all starters, spurs rotation 10 people left only to continue playing DELL. Arnold right break pass, long shots Stewart outside the melee. Liverpool ninth minutes ahead, after losing the ball slip field nkoo Du gruic, right into the restricted area shot deflection, Sturidge tongshe network in rob close before the worm. Then pass Arnold, Sturridge area right curling shot angle is already saved. Eighteenth minutes, origgi right cut pass, Sturridge missed opportunity ball, shot his lack of power into the warm hands. Tottenham lack of threat, right arbitrary ball point Terry Pierre COSCO, Jansen header high close. Then the small angle Jansen kick in the melee shot left the restricted area was mignolet saved, Terry Pierre right passed again, but nkoo Du far small angle shot by Lucas to block out. The transfer counter Sturridge gruic, on the right side of the area low shot wide of the far corner. Spurs to strengthen the offensive in the second half. Jansen left the restricted area pass, Terry Pierre right 25 yards volley up. Liverpool fifty-third minutes to miss the opportunity, offside the origgi restricted the right pass, Tottenham 2 tackles failed, but Sturidge small restricted area before the right foot tuishe also lost the ball hit pop up on his left foot. Then Wijnaldum pass, the ball had forbidden my wife Sturridge, but Worm timely attack siege. Origgi cut inside the left 30 yards after being saved by the worm. Liverpool sixty-fourth minutes to expand the score, Wijnaldum rushes straight pass, offside Sturidge 12 yards tuishe single pole, the ball across the net from the warm legs, 2-0. Ince replace cramp origgi appearance, Arnold was replaced by Klein, he won the applause from the fans in the outstanding performance of the right. Sturidge 25 yards free kick shot out of the upper left corner. Tottenham seventy-sixth minutes off the bench Lucas pulled one back on the edge of the area Lamela foul, Jansen kick hit, 1-2. Eighty-first minutes, Ince pass, Sturridge to break through the edge of the area outside the instep shot hit the crossbar after rebound deflection. On the right side than the horse forbidden area shooting mignolet rescued. Substitute Harrison missed the chance to tie him down, slightly missed the pole. Sturridge cut the right side of the penalty area low shot was confiscated. Eighty-seventh minutes, spurs defender header loss)相关的主题文章: