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"Labyrinth" Tim heavyweight star Oscar winner Whitaker partner Depp Oscar winner Whitaker Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news (Wen Da Zi) Hollywood star Johnny – Depp (Johnny Depp) upcoming new film "labyrinth" (Labyrinth), today to finalize the play and an important role. In "the last king of Scotland" won the Oscar Award for best actor black actor Forest – Whitaker (Forest Whitaker), will join the crime thriller concern. Forest – Whitaker played in the film is a very senior news reporter, he will play with the police partner of Johnny – Depp, hand in hand to trace the truth of a case. Whitaker joined the film will undoubtedly add a new look. "Labyrinth" was directed by word-of-mouth movie "Lincoln law" (Lincoln Lawyer) – Brad Forman (Brad Furman) served as the director, Christian – Contreras (Christian Contreras) wrote the script, the script was a Hollywood script of a black list ". This year just to focus on the harvest of Oscar best film award Open Road film company, will produce and release the film, it seems to be aimed at the next year’s awards season. The film’s hero is Losangeles detective Russell Poole (Russell Poole), he was responsible for the investigation of the famous rapper notorious (Notorious B.I.G.) and Mr. Tupac – Shakur (Tupac Shakur) murder. He thought the singer’s death and street gangs and corrupt police are closely linked, so he and the Sheriff has maintained a tense confrontation, the police in order to seek justice upright, eventually apply for early retirement in protest. Depp will act as a law enforcement officer in the film, in real life, this role is also a character prototype. Last year, Depp starred in the gangster film "black mass" (Black Mass) and let the cause to restore a little face, maze or will continue to give him extra points. Depp is currently in the hands of the film including "Pirates of the Caribbean:" 5 mm "sexual assault" "thanks" and "milk Jinuomiou Juliet 2: Sherlock, Moss" waxy "the invisible man" — "Houdini’s Secret Life" of "Sin City 3" and many other works. Forest Whitaker has also been active for many years on the big screen, the new "come" just last week in the North American release, harvest a lot of praise, he starred in the "Star Wars Episode" will also gorgeous debut. "Labyrinth" is expected in the second half of 2017 landed in North American cinemas.相关的主题文章: