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Kobe Duncan Garnett retired a legend of the era ending – Sohu released video sports Garnett officially announced his retirement after 21 years of glorious years of Beijing September 24, 2016, Kevin Kevin Garnett announced his retirement, ending 21 years of occupation career. Garnett uploaded a video via IG, identified his retirement news, announced the end of 21 years of career. In the video the last time in the course of Garnett wandering, and thanks to all the people, the last goodbye. For the majority of fans, especially the 70 80 fans, this summer is undoubtedly a sad summer, accompanied by the three superstars, we grew up in Kobe, Duncan, Garnett successively in the summer to say goodbye to us, the once all-powerful generation of this legend ended. First Kobe announced at the end of last year that it would be his last season. Later, Kobe took 20 years of glory the Lakers began his farewell performance in the league, where he turned out. 20 years of occupation career, Kobe almost every opponent on the left against Toronto at the pain of cutting one’s body, 81 points and grab seven away Lvshan army defending champion, personally strangle hometown Philadelphia championship, two Blazers playoff lore, oppressive jazz and so on, every opponent was Kobe Kobe hated, but in the last step on each floor of the hall, they came to Kobe with the highest respect, each with their own unique video to pay tribute to Kobe, and even send a special gift, the military Lvshan floor, thunder album, jazz club membership and so on. Kobe also used his last effort, for each city fans on their last performance. When the last game has attracted worldwide attention when staples as promised, even claimed the warriors created 73 wins historical attention, but this is Kobe. The game will continue, the record will be re created, but Kobe will never come back. 60 points + winning goal! As he did so many times, he once again to turn the tide, help the Grand Army to win the game, but this was his last game, this farewell earthshaking, also with no predecessors who have. In this way, Kobe said goodbye to his beloved basketball court, but left us infinite thoughts. Kobe so concerned about the farewell performance is clearly not in line with the temperament of the people of Duncan. From the beginning of the season, whether this is Duncan last season but like news drifting profusely and disorderly in 19 years, he has been that Duncan did not seem to be completely indifferent, things like that calm. To Aldridge, Duncan’s playing time left a, the data tends to be bleak, but what is the relationship? Duncan was still staring, sitting on the bench, from time to time in a daze, from time to time from time to time to laugh, a practical joke to his teammates, but graying hair and beard increasingly slow pace, so that he was indeed increasingly powerless. He who does not like)相关的主题文章: