Jones went 14 points tough 2+1 Yi left him into the biggest

Jones went 14 points tough 2+1 Yi left him into one of the biggest beneficiaries of Dong Hanlin Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 30th, the Guangdong men’s basketball team lost 75-101 to CSKA Moscow, it is expected that, the strength of both sides is not a grade. Through the game players exercise is the real purpose of Guangdong today, Dong Hanlin contributed 14 points, the European champions dare dares to become the team’s biggest surprise. It can be said that Dong Hanlin is the debut peak, first appeared in 2008 in the field of fan Ya Jubei in the finals, a green hand Dong Hanlin in the face of Japan Fengshen scored 20 points with 7 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, outshine Du Feng, Zhou Peng and Su Wei and other national team, is regarded as the domestic players into the next NBA. Only his slightly slow growth trajectory, last season, averaging only got 3.6 points and 2.8 rebounds, has begun to obliterate all. He is only 25 years old this year, there are many possibilities in the future, if you have to look for an opportunity, it is Yi Jianlian leave. Tough breakthrough 2+1 captain Guangdong time is the League overlord, the price of the results is to some extent delayed the growth of young people. Chen Jianghua, Dong Hanlin noble, is a tragedy, now the team to speed up the pace of change, Shipeng Wang retired, Yi Jianlian went to NBA, the total champion may become a luxury, but for young people, is the best chance of one outbreak. CSKA Moscow first 43 cross Tu CBA champion Sichuan team, they are a tough, physical fitness is rolling ahead of CBA. Guangdong is not intimidated by Dong Hanlin, especially in Europe and the Great Pyrenees contest in the body do not lose the opponent, can run and jump. Dong Hanlin is the team’s activation of catfish. The third quarter played four minutes ahead of the opponent’s score of 20 points, has begun to play up, violent deduction, the three points are everything. The ball Dong Hanlin under the basket against opponents, the use of the pace changes easily scored two points. All along, Du Feng are in the training of Dong Hanlin, technical power forward is the label of the, and now also enjoy the taste of the one or two of the. One of the most exciting ball appeared in the distal last 8 minutes and 04 seconds, Dong Hanlin three pointer ball, as a big man, Dong Hanlin feint reached inside. He and the little man turned to his opponent completely off, Dong Hanlin put the ball into the penalty hit 2+1 also caused. And the match, Dong Hanlin either speed or strength advantage, the fans are excited to see home court. Dong Hanlin finally got 14 points, a team warm-up match victory over Costa Rica, Dong Hanlin also contributed to the score of 11. In the 8 season of CBA, Dong Hanlin has never scored a total of 9 points, the new season will be the beginning of his metamorphosis? (who is)相关的主题文章: