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Ji’nan 14 year old boy height 2.19 tribute to Yao Ming China basketball legend Ji Minshang into the oath to visit and guide the "little Yao Ming" reporter Guo Jigang "I try a little more, one day can also with" he "like?" 21 PM, at the Ji’nan City Sports School Basketball Training Center, 14 year old Liu Zewen while shooting, he asked the next coach. In May last year in Zhangqiu city primary school basketball match, Liu Zewen due to the height of nearly 2 meters and attention. A year later, he has become a Ji’nan city sports school basketball talented students, a dream seed is also stubborn root: they not only from the height close to the idol Yao Ming, it can really be like Yao Ming star some day in the future. A 12 cm height is expected to reach up to 2.19 meters since the hero of the juvenile. At the age of 14, Yao Ming has become the main center of the Shanghai youth team. The same 14 year old Liu Zewen, at least from the height, is gradually approaching to Yao Ming. Like Yao Ming at a young age, Liu Zewen also had the same height as his peers – 2.09 meters. Since childhood, Liu Zewen has become a giant in his peers. In kindergarten, he grew up to nearly 1.4 meters; in the first grade, he reached a height of 1.58 meters. Because of the height, Liu Zewen’s growth path, along with other people’s attention, but also accompanied by a variety of trivial troubles. Fortunately, from the primary school five years after exposure to basketball, Liu Zewen fell in love with the sport, and then smoothly into the school basketball team. Alone, he would think of basketball, think about their height, perhaps God gave him a gift. In May 8th last year, the city of Zhangqiu in the primary school basketball game, when the height of 1 meters has reached the beginning of Liu Zewen’s attention to the 97. It is to rely on the height advantage of Liu Zewen, where he is located in the town center primary school in Zhangqiu achieved third good results, he was also the outside world to become a little Yao Ming". Liu Zewen became popular, also attracted the attention of Shandong men’s basketball team, national famous center Ji Minshang, Da Ji last year personally went to Liu Zewen’s school to carry on the instruction. Last year after graduating from primary school, Liu Zewen was selected into the Ji’nan city sports school, began formal training in basketball. After more than a year of professional training and strict diet management, Liu Zewen’s rapid growth in height, 12 cm higher than in May last year, in October this year has reached 2.09 meters. "I look at the outside world has said he to 2.16 meters, is in fact not so long, but after bone age test, he can be about 10 centimeters long." Ji’nan City Sports School Sports Management Center Director Gao Rongling told reporters. Is it a little late for basketball to catch up with Yao Ming? The future of Chinese basketball rests on the basketball players. All of a sudden, Ji’nan came up with such a Liu Zewen odd boy, the outside world of his expectations are naturally high. But need to see is that Liu Zewen may be close to the height of 2.26 meters in the Yao Ming, but may not be able to achieve the achievements of Mr. Yao Ming. After all, he was 13 years old began to receive formal professional basketball training, a little late. In contrast, the 9 year old Yao Ming has entered the youth sports school to receive formal training in basketball. Fortunately, Liu Zewen’s basketball talent is good, coordination is also very.相关的主题文章: