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Sales My Jimmy Choo shoes Last night, my husband and I attended a party and silent auction for the local school. The event was a fund raiser for the Scholarship Fund, and the Old Town Manor was a very proud sponsor. The general idea of the Fund is to raise fund to send 2 underprivileged kids through the Montessori school program, and to provide opportunities to other children who may not have them. The event rose over $15,000 and increased awareness of the Fund itself. A lot more has to be done and last night was just the beginning. And here is the stuff: at the silent auction, "yours truly was the winner of a pair of the pair of Jimmy Choo strappy stiletto heels." the manager said to all the attenders. It is hard to believe that someone like me, who lives and dies in her old school now, would get the pair of Jimmy Choo’s. Every woman at the party coveted those shoes. When i went to the platform to get my shoes, the manager said:" the pair of shoes is the most beautiful in the world, not because of the shoes itself, but the donor. "With these words, he looked into a young lady sitting in an armchair in the first line. And the girl became the focus of all the eyes immediately. She said she has been sitting in the armchair for ten years, her feet had be.e shrink and twisted, so whenever she went across the jimmy choo store, she dare not look inside. She had been loving this jimmy choo’s for a long time, a few months ago her boyfriend bought this shoes for her as a gift in her birthday, and said she is the most beautiful girl in this jimmy choo. She cannot help but cry at that moment. She said that this jimmy choo is the most valuable for her, because it is this jimmy choo strappy stiletto heels that gave her the courage to live on as a .mon girl, to enjoy all the beautiful things as other girls. She hope this jimmy choo would also give courage to the one who buy it n the auction and to these children. Maybe I will never wear them. Maybe they will decorate the mantle. Maybe they’ll sit in the Jimmy Choo box in a Jimmy Choo bag only to be taken out at parties so we can giggle over them like schoolgirls. Maybe I will wear them to my brother’s wedding, if he ever finds someone who will put up with him. Whatever happens to them is not important. The fact that Jimmy Choo’s have been used for a good cause, and I had something to do with it, is worth every penny I paid for them. that is the good stuff. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: