Jianye guard suspected detonation indecent acts out the card for boring-christie stevens

Jianye guard suspected detonation indecent acts out stuffy people shouldn’t give brand Gu Cao in the game sina sports news on September 25th afternoon, the 2016 Super League twenty-sixth round continues, Guangzhou R & F in the home court Yuexiu mountain stadium 2-0 victory over Henan Jianye, in the end stage of the game, the ball was out of bounds Jianye defender Gu Cao in the case of the a ball is stuffy to court command decimating coach Stojkovic, but the ball was quick escape, Fuli boss simply did not cause more damage, and decimating the players rushed to find Gu Cao theory, it is out of the suspects, but then the referee Ma Ning to carry on the mediation, Stojk Vecchi after the game is generous said, I don’t think Gu Cao behavior is intentional. The moment according to the broadcast picture you can clearly see, decimating and Jianye race to the end of the stage, Jianye road 0-2 behind, do not know because of falling behind mood fluctuations or weather reasons, Jianye defender Gu Cao for a ball Wai solution has out of bounds, directly in the outside would kick the ball decimating coach Stojkovic, the two sides and decimating the coach rushed alert over his head sideways subconsciously dodge it not only cause more damage, it is worth mentioning that, in almost the ball to Stoiko Vee, Gu Cao want to find odd initiative to shake hands, but do not know is because the game or other reasons, in the the rescue after Gu Cao did not bother decimating coach compliments, but was returned to the field to continue the game, this moment has caused a lot of R & F team at the time Members of the discontent, but the referee Ma Ning found a state of affairs and came forward in time to attend the oral warning, to prevent further expansion of the situation. It is worth mentioning that Gu Cao in the game and decimating the striker bar Harvey once pushed in the defense argument, then let Harvey with his defense is very uncomfortable, then both sides have pushed and quarrel, after referee Ma Ning and his teammates began to resolve. (new body)相关的主题文章: