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Jiangsu rain continued until October 2nd   after 4, mainly fine — people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title: wind and rain on all two days behind the corpuscles tomorrow is National Day, many people today will go home, travel the road. But the wind and rain is still going, Jiangsu meteorological observatory issued a blue rainstorm warning today, between the Yangtze River and Jianghuai as well as heavy rain. Wind and rain will always be accompanied by our national day? Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued the National Day holiday two days before the rain, the next few days in addition to some small showers in the southeast, most areas do not rain, we can rest assured to go out to play! Cold air Li Wei, 28, the province has been the autumn cold yesterday, a lot of people laugh, as if the night of autumn in Jiangsu. It’s autumn! Jiangsu meteorological observatory chief forecaster Liu Mei said, Jiangsu from September 28th officially entered the fall. According to the Nanjing meteorological records in recent 30 years, the average annual Nanjing autumn time is September 25th. And this year due to strong subtropical high, the wind and rain before cooling, Nanjing once heat to 30 degrees above. However, the day before yesterday, a strong wind and rain, the average temperature in Nanjing dropped to 21.6 degrees below the temperature of 22 degrees C. Yesterday is also very cold, the highest temperature in Nanjing is only about 18.8 degrees Celsius, the average temperature must be lower than the temperature of 22. Nanjing meteorological observatory chief forecaster Pei Haiying said that more than a few days after the rainy weather, until October 4th, the maximum temperature has picked up, but the temperature is still not high. According to the definition of meteorology on 5 consecutive days of autumn, the average temperature is 22 DEG C, in autumn, September 28th Nanjing has officially autumn. It rained all day, followed by October 2nd, yesterday, the Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Station issued a blue rainstorm warning signal, Changzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, Taizhou, South Central, northern Nantong and southern Yancheng area precipitation rainfall level dodd. But today along the Yangtze River and Jianghuai as well as heavy rain, other areas of small to moderate rain. The typhoon "catfish" has stopped number, however, it is still in the remnants of Jiangsu, wind and rain will be continued until the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow is National Day, there is still big rain in Jiangsu area, October 2nd Huaihe area south of rain locally heavy rain. The good news is that after a few days of Jiangsu returned to cloudy day! The Central Meteorological Station forecast, from the current path, the 18 typhoon "Chaba" turn left to the East Sea, had no effect on Jiangsu, which was originally expected to "rain rain rain" won’t happen, we can happily go out to play! However, Typhoon No. 18 followed by a low pressure system, will be on October 6th -7 to the coast of Zhejiang, Southeast of Jiangsu will be affected, there will be showers. October 4th warming, north of the Yangtze River region will pay attention to the national day will not fog like this two days so cold? How to wear it right? Modern Express reporter learned that the temperature will rise from October 4th onwards, the temperature rose to 26 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees celsius. The best choice is long sleeved, short sleeved jacket, are prepared with a timely change of clothing. At the same time, just because of the high humidity, high temperature recovery, the temperature difference between day and night will pull. October)相关的主题文章: