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Jiangsu, a hazardous waste landfill on the current rice factory was fined 300 million – Beijing hazardous waste landfill on the construction of the local environmental protection bureau checked rice factory has been ordered to stop construction and impose a fine of 3 million 150 thousand yuan in September 24th morning, Taixing city of Jiangsu Province Environmental Protection Bureau said in a news release, breaking a rice factory building site 2012 illegal hazardous waste landfill in the case, the suspect is the former "rice factory plots Taixing Jiangbei chemical dye factory responsible person Huang, at present has been brought to justice. In the case reported environmentalists Mr. Xu told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, around September 20th this year, has been involved in a number of hazardous waste transport the driver asked a friend to find himself, said the Jiangsu northlatitude rice Co. Ltd., the construction site is hazardous waste landfill. The driver told the media to describe the scene when the landfill, landfill "dug a 10 meters long, 3 meters wide, 5 meters deep pit". They and several car waste shipped in a very pungent flavor, some color yellow, is also part of the liquid solid. Mr. Xu said, the driver had told him that the number of hazardous waste from the Taixing economic development zone is located in a company called "Jurong chemical enterprise". After July 2012, the driver received a call from an unfamiliar number, make it a batch of waste from Taixing Jurong Chemical Co. Ltd. to present meter factory plots, "waste is installed in the cylinder inside one by one, he filled the car at the time, almost 15 tons. The other is higher than the market price of 300 yuan compensation." Mr. Xu said that the driver came to the scene and found that about 300 tons of waste landfill in this. In September 22nd this year, Mr. Xu together with several informants came to Jiangsu northlatitude rice Co. Ltd., construction site. He said that the company is building, there are a lot of digging out of the pit, as the informants called from the "Jurong chemical" hazardous waste buried more deeply, they are temporarily unable to see. What are the ingredients of the hazardous waste, environmental protection departments need to be excavated, after sampling, testing and other steps to know. Taixing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to monitor the brigade, said the evening of 23 to find the case of illegal landfill hazardous waste Hwang Hwang understand the situation, Hwang explained the process of illegal landfill. Taixing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to monitor the battalion Guo Jian told the media that the current understanding of hazardous waste landfill, illegal or Hwang through intermediaries from other areas of transport, but because the Jurong chemical in recent years through the reorganization, the specific case has not yet been determined. Last night, Guo Jian told reporters BYD, he is still in communication and public security departments, because the case is still under investigation, can not reveal more details. Public information, Taixing Jurong Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2010, is a listed company in Jiangsu Jurong Chemical Co. Ltd. established a wholly owned subsidiary, the main operating norms including hazardous chemicals production and sales. In addition, the Taixing Environmental Protection Bureau notice also mentioned, is currently under construction in the rice factory — Jiangsu northlatitude rice Co. Ltd., due to environmental violations without EIA unauthorized construction, according to the September.相关的主题文章: