Ji media Ning Zetao suffered private access to advertising CBA also exist interests distribution-googims

Ji Ning media: Zetao suffered due to connect the advertising CBA Ning Zetao benefit allocation problem (map) was once the media broke the Rio Olympics all the negative news, even alluding to the Olympic Games for swimming champion Ning Zetao, since then it has a low profile to avoid media attention, even if it is the final trip to the Rio Olympics will be so. But in November 7th, CCTV-5 broadcast sports world, Ning Zetao in which the first sound, talked about the preparations before the Rio Olympics in their own encounter. The Olympic Games have been encountered stop training Ning Zetao in April this year, the Foshan Olympic trials, the 100 meter freestyle semi-final swim out of 47 seconds 96, this result if placed at the Rio Olympics, will be very competitive. But the reality is, Ning Zetao in a few months after the Olympic Games in Rio, the game is out of the semi-finals. Time to prepare more adequate, but how the state is in the "blade" did not come out? Ning Zetao said, after he finished the training training will be returned in June 19th, in a semi stagnant, and various events emerge in an endless stream: Fanka is demagnetized are required to move out of the apartment, head coach Ye Jin will no longer appear in the swimming pool, a large number of media broke his negative news. But the biggest impact on him or training conditions. According to Ning Zetao, the worst of it, his training only two to assist the doctor, as he pinch table, a teammate as sparring. After experiencing so many things, Ning Zetao said: because there is pressure, the body also appeared to respond to the weight of a thin four kg or so, I am a short self emaciated players, which has a great impact on me for the four kg." The root or because of illegal private access advertising from the account of Ning Zetao, Olympic Games, his life and training have been "difficult". But it is precisely in that period of time, the negative news media broke the news, people heard another sound, is also likely to be "difficult". Ning Zetao received the endorsement: illegal private sponsorship, facing with contradict leadership, on the table, and threatened to stop training and retirement. And clarify the idea, then illegal private endorsement endorsement is undoubtedly the root of all. So what is the matter with Ning Zetao’s endorsement of the dairy and the national team? Before the media broke the news, the national team in the former, Ning Zetao signed in private. But Ning Zetao said: "did not you say so simple, there are too many complicated things, to start from scratch, will begin from the world championships in kazan." However, the day of the show is not related to the sequence of events. The future will not leave the pool about may imply that entered the entertainment circle, Ning Zetao said: "the future of each person’s personality is different, I am not suitable for entertainment, after reading, looking for a job." The reporter asked if he was a little unwilling, want to continue to participate in the world competition, prove himself, Ning Zetao said again: "weak, through so much less power, this place is not I can…… Don’t stay here, you have a place to stay." The reporter asked: "will you participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games?" Ning Zetao said: "maybe, life is changing every day, just like Phelps and Kosuke Kitajima.相关的主题文章: