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Jay Chou joined 1MORE   as a shareholder of demons; site launch ceremony – media people.com.cn game original title: Jay Chou joined the 1MORE demons as shareholder site broadcasting media ceremony September 29, 2016, 1MORE million magic headset with pop star Jay Chou held my 1MORE million times magic headset x Jay Chou 2016 Strategy Conference in Beijing. Jay Chou officially announced to shareholders joined 1MORE demons. At the press conference, there are 3 new listening to a single product to meet with you, at the same time, Jielun will be wearing their headphones on the spot to give the media. Jielun and I jointly opened the era of 1MORE from left to right respectively: 1MORE partner and vice president of 1MORE, chapter transfer partner and vice president in the world?, 1MORE founder and chairman Xie Guanhong, Jay Chou, Cheng, chairman of Tiinlab, Chen 1MORE partner and vice president Lin Baiqing. The conference site crowded 1MORE, Chinese new original headset brand, in less than 3 years, headset shipments of nearly 30 million, for 3 consecutive years won the international design awards. When the new Chinese original headset brand to join Chinese king, China original good meet China original headset good music, this will bring more and more music. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Baltic) original title: Jay Chou joined the 1MORE demons as shareholder site launch ceremony Jay Chou media led TiinLab to join 1MORE 1MORE as demons, creative officer Jay Chou conference, officially announced that Jay Chou 1MORE joined the demons led the TiinLab team stationed in 1MORE technology, acoustics lab, Jay Chou joined 1MORE as a shareholder 1MORE, and served as the "creative officer Jay Chou". For the position of 1MORE creative officer, Jay Chou also said that some of the things you would like to do want to send, such as this time the new concept is to do with the concept of super run. In the future there will be many different styles, play with his ideas, and incorporate it into the product. 1MORE acoustic center and TiinLab combined to set up "TiinLab 1MORE" to laboratory demons and TiinLab are the focus of the acoustic technology development team, in the loudspeaker unit design, magnetic field analysis, vibration analysis, acoustic analysis and moving iron unit design are at the forefront of the independent research and development, technology: digital active noise control technology, microphone array technology, multi unit circle iron technology and intelligent hearing protection and compensation technology development, head of the acoustical transfer function fast modeling and 3D recording and playback system development etc.. Listen to the laboratory, so that people can hear more details, "listen" in the laboratory, Jay Chou also said: "I hope the world will be filled with the sound of music." Open my 1MORE era, 1MORE released three new press conference the same day, 1MORE million devils also released new models of the three. Jielun with 1MORE three unit head wear)相关的主题文章: