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Japan GSDF massive parade Abe about "new task" original title: Japan GSDF massive parade Abe say "new task" data third News Agency reporter Abe Wang Jun photo China News Agency, Tokyo in October 23, Japan GSDF held a large-scale parade in the outskirts of Tokyo the garrison 23 day. Japanese Prime Minister Abe said the security law lecture scene, based on the new, will be given a new task to the sdf". Japan’s self defense forces annual viewing style, this year’s turn on the ground self defense force. About 4000 soldiers, 280 tanks, armored vehicles and other military vehicles, and about 50 military aircraft participated in the parade. Last year Japan Maritime Self defense force parade on the occasion of the U.S. military aircraft carrier "occasional passing", this year in Japan GSDF parade and "American elements": the U. S. Marines stationed Osprey transport aircraft, come to the "Congratulations" flight performance. Andouble on the day of the lecture scene again in the rendering of the security environment surrounding Japan "drastic changes", and "excellent high-profile requirements to build strong" self-defense. The Japanese government intends to mid November, to South Sultan SDF troops to rush to the rescue guard and other new things, the day Andouble did not specifically mention. However, the Japanese government for its military forces in the arrangement of wildly beating gongs and drums "new task", still has been a lot of public opposition. On the same day, thousands of people from all over Japan, held a protest rally and parade in Aomori City three Ze, strongly opposed the move. Members of the SDF members called on the government to participate in the war to send their families. Aomori Prefecture is stationed next month, sent to South Sultan in Japan GSDF ninth division fifth regiment TECOH, regarded as the "new task" by early adopters of the head of a main force of. (end) editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: