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James was a close friend of western exposure before the three warriors were interested in looting the Spurs Thunder –   sports Sohu; Beijing on February 21st news, from ESPN reporter Mark stern reported that informed sources, note Brazil Anderson Varejao is attracting more and more team. By the end of the week, the Cavaliers sent Vallejo to Portland through the three party deals with the magic and blazers. A day before, the Blazers officially bought Vallejo outright. This means that, throughout the clarification period, Anderson Varejao will become a free agent. Prior to this, two of the buyout players confirmed their home – David Lee will join the Mavericks, Steve – Novak will sign the bucks. So, more teams turned to Vallejo. Vallejo James and LeBron chummy, that the former was traded to leave, James said: "this is the worst place for trading. When you lose a brother, a teammate, it’s really uncomfortable." There is news that the Cavaliers in the away and did not notice James Varejao. Stein said, "the line I got was that the top 3 warriors, spurs and thunder teams in the West were interested in the team. In addition, there are mavericks." It is reported that the next step will be to consider their own Varejao to spend an entire weekend, after all, he only before the Cavaliers played the ball, and a dozen is 12 years. After recovering from his Achilles tendon injury this season, he averaged 2.6 minutes and 2.9 rebounds in 10 games in 31 games. So far, the 33 year old has played 591 regular games, including 208 starts, averaging 7.6 minutes, 7.5 rebounds and 1.2 assists in 25 minutes. (Jim) 曝詹皇密友遭西部前三哄抢 勇士马刺雷霆均有意-搜狐体育     北京时间2月21日消息,来自ESPN记者马克-斯坦恩的报道称,消息灵通人士透露,巴西内线安德森-瓦莱乔正吸引越来越多球队的注意。   本周交易截止日,骑士队通过与魔术队和开拓者队的三方交易,将瓦莱乔送至波特兰。一天前,开拓者队官方宣布买断瓦莱乔。这意味着,在度过澄清期后,瓦莱乔将成为完全自由球员。   在此之前,两名被买断的球员各自确定了下家–大卫-李将加盟小牛队,史蒂夫-诺瓦克将签约雄鹿队。于是,更多球队将目光投向了瓦莱乔。   瓦莱乔与勒布朗-詹姆斯私交甚密,得知前者被交易离队后,詹姆斯表示:“这就是交易最糟糕的地方。当你失去一位兄弟、一位队友,这真的让人非常难受。”   有消息称,骑士队在送走瓦莱乔时,并没有通知詹姆斯。   斯坦恩透露,“我得到的线报是,西部排名前3的勇士队、马刺队和雷霆队,都对瓦莱乔感兴趣。此外,还有小牛队。”   据悉,瓦莱乔将会用整个周末考虑自己下一步去向,毕竟之前他只在骑士队打过球,而且一打就是12年。   本赛季在从跟腱伤势恢复后,瓦莱乔在所打的31场比赛中,场均出场10.0分钟交出2.6分2.9篮板的数据。   职业生涯至今,现年33岁的瓦莱乔一共打了591场常规赛,其中208场首发,场均出场25.0分钟有7.6分7.5篮板1.2助攻入账。(jim)相关的主题文章: