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Jam Hsiao hand shoulder was rumored brokers responded: habits – Entertainment Sohu Jam Hsiao appeared in the wedding of Peter Ho   Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the singer Jam Hsiao to participate in the evening of 1 friends to the wedding of Peter Ho, and served as the wedding singer, although he did not rush to finally lost the bouquet, was reported by the media in the wedding and agent Summer ambiguous moves frequently. He and Alyssa Chia husband and wife chat at the same time, the hand was photographed on the shoulder Summer. Jam Hsiao appeared to talk about the matter, explained that he usually like this, saying that this is just a habitual action". According to Taiwan media reports today, Jam Hsiao attended the leader of the "lion Music Choir" press conference. He passed a Summer for a long time and love, always be he hastily with, and now he has been blasting the suspected shoulder Summmer at the wedding, he bluntly Summer is his broker, two people to attend the wedding of Peter Ho is very normal, Summer smiled and said, did not think this news can be fried so long, "I have two feel very happy". For one thing to catch the bouquet, said Jam Hsiao want to get married, but not now, curious about the outside world and Jam Hsiao together on the Summer frequency is, whether it will affect their romance? Summer said: "what we should do, we all know what to do," and reiterated that "this is something we do not work outside".相关的主题文章: