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Jade carving master Qu Lijun works appeared Beijing Zhengdao 2016 autumn auction industry generally believe that today’s China jade carving art trading has gone through "to win" for ten years, turned into the art era. Specific market performance is that some of the distinctive features of original works by collectors, some timely adjust the direction of the studio, which not only has not been affected, but it works only a price increase, but sales have increased. The high-end market now has the state of art, also represents the development direction of China due to the pursuit of Art — jade jade, continue to seek innovation and breakthrough, this is not only because of their ability of creators is improving, more because the market of jade art standard requirements have increased dramatically. Overall, the jade carving art is from "material" to "see", enjoy the art of the era of great change, especially in the high-end market is even more so — pay more attention to the design of jade carving, craft production, artistic breakthrough innovation, this is the inevitable development of the market. Based on the change of the market, Beijing will focus on the way in the solicitation auction of works of art and distinctive features, and strive to be a complete reproduction of the development level of contemporary China jade carving, so as to further guide the concept of jade. In this month, 10 to 12, held at the Westin Grand Washington D C Hotel in Beijing Jinmao 2016 contemporary jade Pierre autumn auction, there are many works with art and distinctive characteristics of the times, is worth collectors attention, such as the China jade carving master Qu Lijun, the creation of "Hetian jade seed material spring Zhou Yu Gui Pendant", that is Jiangnan and jade together characteristics of art, artistic conception is far-reaching. Beijing Zhengdao 2016 autumn auction auction Qu Lijun and Tian Yu Zhou Yu to spring seed material from the raw jade pendant, skin color and shape, this piece of material is the top level of Hetian jade play material, exquisite jade oil moisten, up and down with the natural polymer is red, "the world leather" jade material complete, full, the shape is also very good, is playing the top of material without processing the jade carving techniques. For this "erythroderma" play top material, Chinese jade carving master Mr. Qu Lijun to maximize the retention of the color and shape of jade material, only to thin art practices in the white part of a jade carving, a boat, a few pieces of little flowers, petals, with the combination of freehand and blank technique, will spring Zhou Yu Gui "quiet and comfortable behaved most incisive, is a vast, material good, beauty, can not be re Shenpin, worth the attention of collectors. Beijing Zhengdao 2016 autumn auction auction Cao Yang Hetian jade seed material Hanjiang Lin pan poetic card this card from Hetian jade seed material carving, jade oil moisten, whiteness is a plus, the top grade for the Hetian seed material. The author in the front to shades of relief sculpture carved "Han Wang Lin pan" poetic, but see a man sitting on the platform, Toyama, pavilions like dim, luxuriant tree forest, near a solitary sail, like an elegant color, fresh style, graceful, rich layers of ink painting. With the whole screen layout distance and density interaction, simple style, light pen light 6相关的主题文章: