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Jackie Chan donated Taiwan first animal replica was removed after the release of future warehouse has not decided the original title: Jackie Chan presented the first beast Taiwan replica will be demolished on the future warehouse cited concern according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Taipei the Imperial Palace star Jackie Chan donated twelve heads south hospital, the Imperial Palace is expected to demolish 14 this month. Li Jinghui, vice president of Taipei the Imperial Palace yesterday (2 days) said, will not ask the workers directly removed the first beast, but please sculptor Pu Haoming knife, with artistic treatment; animal heads removed will put the warehouse, future to be discussed. Jackie Chan donated to the the Imperial Palace of Taipei, south of the 12 zodiac animal head. Taiwan’s United Daily news photos taken under the removal of the first task of the twelve beasts of the Pu, born in Chiayi art family. The grandfather of modern Taiwan heavyweight painter Chen Chengbo, father of Pu Tiansheng is well-known sculptor. Pu Haoming said yesterday, did not decide how to remove the first beast. Lin Zhengyi, director of the the Imperial Palace, Taipei, yesterday went to the Legislative Yuan board of Education Report of the business, the first animal to become the focus of discussion. "Legislators" Ke Zhien question that the Imperial Palace to discuss the twelve beast first fortune forum, only invited 12 people to participate in, "a person with a head (head)?" And all the people in Chiayi. Ke Zhien questioned the lack of representation. Lin Zhengyi responded that the future will be held in a comprehensive planning committee to discuss the placement of the first beast. Legislator Chen Xuesheng questioned, decided to dismantle the animal’s first did not consult the opinions of tourists. Wang Shisheng, director of the the Imperial Palace, Taipei, south the Imperial Palace responded, the views of tourists are being investigated. Chen Xuesheng believes that there are pros and cons, how can the bold "beheaded" hope after investigation to the "Legislative Yuan" report. Taipei the Imperial Palace said after the meeting, regardless of the results of the investigation, it is imperative to dismantle. Ke Zhien predicted that the first scheme may beast after removal of five, including the "return to Jackie Chan", "recover the warehouse" and "cast melt destruction" and "copper Vintage (junk-heap) pie", "open auction". Lin added that the sixth program "will be the first animal to stay in the South Hospital"; remove the beast is not suitable for the first place in the main entrance to the south hospital building, does not mean that they can not be placed in other places in the south. He said, Taipei the Imperial Palace is expected to form a planning committee, the first animal to discuss the position to the the Imperial Palace South Hospital, it is possible to design a theme park in the South Hospital, the first animal in this place. (reporter Chen Wanqian)相关的主题文章: