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The full moon is flying — Temple No. two, the successful launch of the space laboratory – Beijing, Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Jiuquan in September 15 is the success of Xinhua News Agency reporter Ceng Tao, Chen Xi, Wang Ting, the Mid Autumn Festival moon day — the Tiangong two space launch moon flying laboratory, day Palace when asked. The sun rose, night falls. Jiuquan satellite launching center covered with a layer of white light, the Long March two F T2 rocket launch tower stands quietly in the. While this Temple No. two launch execution space lab mission rocket, since August 6th at the Jiuquan satellite launch center, after the general assembly and testing, vertical transport, the train waited 40 days to "recharge", finally to launch this day. 15 at 21:34, surrounded by a rocket swing rod slowly opened, the launch site into the pro state. Command and control hall, a busy, mouse clicks and keyboard percussion sound after another. Tiangong two chief designer Zhu Congpeng staring at the big screen, eyes full of expectation: "Tiangong two is China’s first truly laboratory space, will verify a series of key technologies of the space station." The moonlight, the more bright. Tall rocket, five-star red flag The brightness dazzles the eyes. "30 minutes to prepare!" "5 minutes to prepare!" "1 minutes to prepare!" The password sounded gradually sound, echoed in the open skies of Gobi, accelerate the people’s heart. Tiangong two launch, entered the countdown stage. "…… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" "Ignition!" Zero Command commander Wang Hongzhi, the rocket ignition program. 22 hours 04 minutes 09 seconds, the orange flame from rocket tail gushing with air tearing sound, the rocket rises. The fire makes the diversion groove hundreds of tons of water instantly into steam, from both sides of notch jet, as a huge mushroom cloud into the sky. Tens of meters high flames, the moment will reflect the Gobi desert like a day. This is the twelfth flight of the Long March two F launch vehicle. Early in the morning of November 20, 1999, the first launch of the rocket, the Shenzhou one into space, before the advent of twenty-first Century to achieve a historic breakthrough in China’s manned space program. Then, has been hailed as the "gold rocket Long March two F rocket will Tiangong-1 and 9 Shenzhou spacecraft into space, round 10 astronauts flying dream. Fly! Fly! The rocket accelerated, a bunch of dazzling golden flames across the black sky…… Booster separation." The 4 small rockets which are arranged on the arrow body to increase thrust are completed, and the "one or two stage separation." – rocket flew over the stratosphere and mesosphere, core level automatic fairing separation detachment; "." – rocket has been flying out of the dense atmosphere, the Temple No. two left cowl, alone in the face of the vastness of the universe; "two host shutdown." "Two level tour shutdown."…… Command hall, the relevant system in a timely manner to inform the dynamics of the rocket. Every step…相关的主题文章: