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It is necessary to do an air conditioning cleaning during the cold season! Open the window or open air fuel with decreasing fuel temperature in most areas of our country, many car owners need to open the warm air. But the car air conditioning through the use of a summer and this time in idle time use, it is necessary to do a clean air! Today, cars will auto beauty Xiaobian simple introduce! Winter cold season comes, an air conditioning cleaning is necessary! 1 Why are air conditioning cleaning? Automobile air conditioning system after a period of time after use, in the air inlet, air duct, fan and evaporator surface etc. will accumulate dust and dirt, resulting in air conditioning duct (including evaporation tank) in the breeding season, can smell the obvious smell. The owner of a long stay in the mold filled with the smell of the car, the body will certainly be damaged, serious will lead to disease. 2 how long the car air conditioning open the air conditioning cover, if found inside the accumulation of dust too much, it should be cleaned up in a timely manner, the general cleaning at least once every six months. Peacetime, but also to try to open the windows and doors ventilation, so that harmful gas ran away. Currently on the market a lot of cleaning products, dozens of pieces to a large number of hundreds of pieces, it is recommended to do the price between 200-300, because cheap products are basically equivalent to air fresheners, can not do the cleaning function. 3 how to clean the car air conditioner to pay attention to check the replacement of the filter if you want to get the normal operation of the car air conditioning, we should promptly check whether there is damage to the filter. Judging from the current situation of the design of the car brand, the air filter element is a professional life, usually in one year, we can look ahead to the car specifications. If we are properly maintained in the cleaning process, it can also enhance its service life. But we must not forget the timely replacement, because the filter installation position is hidden, so you’d better find the 4S shop staff service. Second, pay attention to the cleaning of the specific elements of the air conditioning filter cartridge, it has a relationship with the car models, mostly in the wind around the location, we can check in time. If you go to the 4S shop replacement, must let them strengthen cleaning. Because some of the staff will feel very troublesome sponge, so it will not be put into the wash, but this is not conducive to the operation of the air conditioning system, it is necessary to remind the staff in a timely manner, we must not lose this process. The air conditioning cycle to clean our prior to cleaning, to find the air inlet position, it will be in the passenger compartment in the next, the best play the role of spray, so that you can clean up in the lock at the same time. Clean air conditioning cycle is very simple, usually only a few minutes can be. We must not forget to drive the air, otherwise it is possible to remain clean stains. Summary: the introduction of the above car air conditioning cleaning, hoping to help the majority of owners. Autumn and winter cold weather, go out every day and don’t shut the window, the air, the inner air of the car is improved very useful!相关的主题文章: