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"Island" from The Classic of the Great Wilderness Fuso story CG manufacturing Mystery World – Sohu CG animation entertainment "Hibiscus island" director of Sohu (the Yuanhui month Sen entertainment news video) in November 16th, by the Chengdu building, the frostwing television media Co. Ltd. to go China classic novels "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" on the CG animated film "Hibiscus island" held a press conference in beijing. The film director Luo Jianxie dubbing director Ji Guanlin, music producer Ivar Jr. Lunde creator you attend. "Hibiscus island" based Chinese ancient "The Classic of the Great Wilderness", is a combination of ancient legends and modern urban fantasy epic movie. "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" as a master of ancient mythology, has a wide audience, the screenwriter team inherits its vast and complex view of the world, creative will be transformed into a hibiscus Island magic seal, the descendants of the four families of Hibiscus Island – "demon two generation" as a selling point, through about their love and hatred, gradually expose the sea world fantasy secret, isolated but also maintains the ancient mystery. At the press conference, the first exposure of the film 7 minute trailers, including vision film pre production and technical verification, show a secretive and stunning sea world, film will also tell about four families in this huge world of love and hate. Director Luo Jian appreciate their vitality, Chengdu wing ice company has the passion of the young people: "we have an average age below 25 years old, made from scratch" Hibiscus island "in the film, we need to bring a domestic audience find everything fresh and new animated film, subversive imagination film." Professor Luo Jian also quite confident about his work: "I think the real CG movie still belongs to the animated film, so in CG precision, with" Afanda "analogy, and is not very appropriate, because the requirements we use fund range and technology is not the same. We will do the best in the animated film category, I am very confident, not worried about the CG Tucao, we will do our best to achieve the perfect CG." It is reported that the "Fuso island" to CG for the animated movie, in addition to the film music, entirely by the frostwing only more than a year to complete, plans in 2017 in front of a global audience perfect show. The director, "Hibiscus island" just "start mountain" series. He said that the ice wing will also launch the fantasy TV series about the world history of family relations Shanhaiguan characters; and the use of live capture and VR virtual reality technology is the most advanced, shooting epic CG movie "Shanhaiguan alliance", Shanhaiguan secret ancient myth. In addition to Shanhaiguan series of film and television projects, director Luo Jian also plans to through games, books, and other derivative products around the overall development plan, a comprehensive framework of "mountain" user cross platform entertainment mode, with "development value and the greater the longer Shanhaiguan" industrial chain.   相关的主题文章: