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Is it possible to replace the western democracy in China? Sohu culture channel bell (Daniel A. Bell) the political elite may be the most attention, but the theory research is the least topic. The political system should be the aim of selecting people with ability, moral as leader, this matter in Chinese or the western political theory and practice are the core content. The reason for this is obvious: we require trained qualified people to serve as scientific, legal and corporate leadership positions, so why not do so in the most important institutions? As Daniel, a prominent American sociologist, 1919-2011 (Bell) (Daniel), said: "people are eager for political leaders to be able to manage the society well.". The quality of life of any society is largely determined by the quality of the leader. A society, if you can not put the best people on the leadership positions, both from the sociological or from the moral point of view, are absurd." Therefore, from Confucius, Platon and Zhu Xi to John? Stewart? Muller, Sun Zhongshan and Walter Lippmann? Political thinker, are trying to identify the moral considerations of political judgment based on the selection of outstanding leaders can make wisdom on many questions. However, the debate was largely stopped after the second world war. In China, the debate was stopped because Mao Zedong thought more about the political contributions of workers, peasants and soldiers of the people’s Liberation Army rather than intellectuals and educators. They want to build a new form of participation in socialist democracy from the grassroots level. There is no such thing as a political elite in mainland China (at least no one has heard anything like that in public). In the west, it is largely because of the dominant position of electoral democracy in the west. A democratic society requires people to choose leaders, by judging whether candidates and voters. If the voters are rational and good at choosing leaders, there is no need to worry too much about what qualities a good political leader should have, and what mechanisms can be chosen to produce the best leaders. Therefore, political theorists have shifted their interest in how to deepen democratic reforms in other areas of political and social life, and how to promote a more equitable distribution of wealth in the country and even around the world. The debate over the political system is revived in the city of singapore. From 1960s onwards, the country’s leaders will advocate system for sage standard selection of leaders in the way, although this means that impose some restrictions in the Democratic process. They believe that political leaders should hold long-term perspective rather than short-term interests to the election, structured political system can and should prevent the pursuit of short-term interests of the "populist" political leader of abuse of power. However, Singapore’s political elite discourse and do not pay enough attention to get abroad, this is mainly because of the political elite has not been as a universal ideal show. On the contrary, the Singapore leaders stressed that the selection and promotion of the most capable and most honest people as leaders of the special micro cities.相关的主题文章: