Iran President Rouhani meets with Li

Iran’s president Rouhani met with Li Yuanchao in Washington on 9 October, Xinhua news agency, Bangkok (reporter Yang Zhou Li Ying) Iran President Rouhani 9 in Thailand, Bangkok to attend the meeting of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue second meeting of the leaders of the vice chairman of national China Li Yuanchao. Li Yuanchao said that President Xi Jinping’s successful state visit to Iran at the beginning of this year, in order to make a strategic plan for the development of Sino Iranian relations, the two sides to inject a strong impetus to bilateral cooperation. The current development of Sino Iraqi relations are facing new opportunities, China is willing to make joint efforts with Iran, the full implementation of the consensus reached by the two heads, and constantly enrich the connotation of the comprehensive strategic partnership in iraq. Hope that the two sides maintained frequent high-level contacts and further enhance political mutual trust, in the "The Belt and Road" under the framework of in-depth docking, strengthen cooperation. Rouhani said Iran attaches great importance to Iranian relations, "The Belt and Road initiative is an important area of influence and effect, Iran hopes as soon as possible to formulate a comprehensive cooperation agreement between the two countries 25 years and other measures to further strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of interconnection, energy, high school academic area, financial problems, the president Xi Jinping’s visit to Iraq during the two sides reached a consensus as soon as possible implement.相关的主题文章: