Investment bank European and American intra day trends and outlook for future technology-happynewyear

Investment bank: European and American intra day trends and outlook for future technology outlook FX168 news (Tuesday) February 2nd European disk early start, the euro dollar from the Asia Pacific period late low 1.0895 moderate rise to 1.0917 level, approaching the intraday high of 1.0919. In the last two trading days, as the European stock market fell, the risk aversion rose again, which provided the impetus for the euro dollar rebound. As for the trend of the euro dollar market outlook, foreign investment banks, German commercial banks (Commerzbank) and UOB Bank (UOB) analysts, respectively, provide some technical prospects analysis in the daily report. Dahua bank research team said, "just as mentioned before, the last Friday (January 29th), the currency of the crash market is not the beginning of continued decline, which means that the euro dollar did not effectively fall below. The sharp rebound in the exchange rate yesterday strengthened our view. The euro dollar is only 1.0775 below the daily line, which will indicate the beginning of the fall." In addition, Axel Rudolph, senior analyst at Commerzbank, pointed out that the failure of the euro dollar rise of 1.0968 last week indicated the effectiveness of the resistance, as long as the exchange rate is under the resistance, it is expected to maintain bilateral shocks. Downside, the exchange rate needs to fall below 1.077611 (January low), it is possible to open the downside. According to Eliot’s wave theory, the euro dollar line may rebound again, but the stock rally will not exceed 1.100060 resistance." (Euro dollar daily chart, source: FX168 financial network) Beijing time 16:48, Euro dollar 1.090912. Proofread: cool into Sina Financial shares

投行:欧 美日内走势及后市技术前景展望   FX168讯 周二(2月2日)欧洲时段盘初,欧元 美元自亚太时段尾盘低位1.0895温和回升至1.0917水平,逼近日内高位1.0919。最近两个交易日由于欧洲股市下跌,风险厌恶情绪再度升温,这为欧元 美元反弹上修提供了动力。至于欧元 美元后市将延续何种走势,国外投行德国商业银行(Commerzbank)和大华银行(UOB)分析师分别在日内报告中提供了一定技术前景分析。   大华银行研究团队表示,“正如此前所提及的一样,上周五(1月29日)该货币对上演的暴跌行情并不是持续下跌的开始,这也就是说欧元 美元并未有效跌破。汇价昨日的大幅反弹增强了我们这一观点。欧元 美元只有日线收低于1.0775下方才会暗示下跌的开始。”   此外,德国商业银行(Commerzbank)高级分析师Axel Rudolph指出,“上周欧元 美元冲高1.0968宣告失败暗示该阻力的有效性,只要汇价承压在该阻力下方,预期将保持双边震荡。下行方面,汇价需要跌破1.0776 11(1月低位)才可能打开下行空间。根据艾略特波浪理论,欧元 美元日线可能再度反弹走高,但料涨势不会超过1.1000 60阻力。”   (欧元 美元日线图,来源:FX168财经网)   北京时间16:48,欧元 美元报1.0909 12。   校对:冷静 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: