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Interview: Joe Alvin was lucky boy – Ang Lee at a Sohu in entertainment as "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" first actor, never acted before Alvin’s first show went to the front of the whole world Sohu entertainment news (SEN month the modeled video) Joe Alvin, was born in England in 1991. From a thin drama school boys to Ang Lee’s new work, "the battle of the middle of the battle of Billy," the first actor, who has never played the first show of the film, went to the world in front of the world. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "". British actors often because of the elegant, accent, solid foundation and special stage special attention, but for a long time, the British actor who played the villain in Hollywood, most can only be able to get the first, and is usually very rare in after years of hard work to do. By contrast, Alvin is so lucky, he was still reading, Ang Lee sent two copies of the audition video, then he got the chance.     however, Joe Alvin is not the kind of arrogant young man, a good upbringing makes him know he struggled to keep his refined and courteous, excited. In the interview, answer each question very carefully, with Joe, said before the shooting by the director sent to army life fourteen days, about his cooperation with a director told her how to pressure from a London top students into American soldiers. He barely looked at the camera, a little shy. He understood that he was not Billy Lynn, even though Ang Lee has recognized him — he is blond, thin stature, in London, and Billy was a stout Dezhou mixed kid, a 19 year old was "committed" and was sent to the army of the big boys. Joe Alvin made a lot of efforts, learning from the Dezhou accent to body sculpting, he said, I can’t let Ang Lee down, he is a very good person. Joe Alvin is a lucky boy Ang Lee saw in director Ang Lee has always been good at digging new year is known, from the "sense and sensibility" Kate Winslet, "Brokeback Mountain" Jack – Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway, to "sejie" Tang Wei, "the young pie, when Sura Sharma, are the bole eye fancy. Last year was still reading Joe Alvin still feel all this experience you are too fantastic, he had borrowed the "Billy – Lynn" opened the big screen career, then there are two films, although is not the first hero, he has officially embarked on the road of the movie, after all, a piece of stainless steel still need to thoroughly tempered. Lucky audition: he told me to go to New York Sohu Entertainment: how to get this role? Did Ang Lee director find you? Joe Alvin: he didn’t find me. He didn’t even know who I was. Last year, I was still studying, I was still performing at the drama school, but I had a manager who gave me a couple of plays in Billy – Lynn ‘s war in the middle. At that time I played two plays, photographed to Ang Lee, Ang Lee is also the director of the election. That night he saw my performance, like me, a glance at me, and I hope I can go to New York. I’ll have it from the weekend.相关的主题文章: