Interstellar not quietly stepped into the night-zuczug

"Interstellar": not quietly entered the night "Star" stills through Dr. Brand: not quietly into the night. When the sun burns and roars. Anger, anger against the end of light. Dr. Brand: Do not go gentle into that good night Old age should burn and; rave at close of day. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Christopher · Nolan "star crossed", 2014 control lines 322nd, the lines from "star crossed". When Cooper (·), NASA scientist Dr. Brand (·,, decorated with), read the poem, for them to see off, when the departure of. It is actually a great poet Dylan · Thomas’s famous "can not be quietly stepped into the night" (Do not go gentle into that good night) of the first paragraph. This poem is the poet to the dying father. Dylan · Thomas is an alcoholic, British, wrote the poem rough bold, but poetic image is dark and charming, so very influential (also very theatrical). In the film, · this poem by old man Michael Kaine; British accent aloud, and the ornamental and the combined plain properties have a taste. This poem is not hard to install literature, not plug in, but the film has a significant correlation. The earth’s environment has been finished, the government did not admit human complacency, humans on the moon, is injustice to die, or go? This poem is the answer. "Star crossed" from the poem appeared several times in the film, the villain Dr. Mann also revealed that they started in 10 years ago, Dr. Brand also read this poem. People will die, but it is in the face of death, life should show its power. People should not be in the real world, people should have the whole sky. "Star crossed".相关的主题文章: