Inter city bus hit the red light and truck collided with a lot of green powder (video) iptd-651

The intercity bus collided with a truck ran a red light and a large number of "green powder" in the afternoon of November 26th for an hour, and the public Gualu Yangzhou Yangtian highway intersection serious accident occurred, a day to Yangzhou intercity bus and a car loaded with fertilizer raw materials collided, causing the accident of intercity bus driver out of the cab on the spot remain unconscious, intercity bus more than 20 passengers above different degree of fall injuries, the intercity bus driver were seriously injured is still not out of danger, the cause of the accident according to the number of passengers and the truck driver for the intercity bus driver: reflect red light LED, the police are still investigating the accident. The reporter heard the news rushed to the scene after the accident, the truck at the scene, officers are cleaning up the transport truck above ground fertilizer raw materials, but also scattered a lot of green fertilizer raw materials, as well as the passenger ground mobile phone, clothes and intercity bus cab code dial, car keys, car glass mirror, the ground blood has raw materials and chemical fertilizers mixed into paste black, from the passenger shot of the mobile phone screen can be seen at the time, intercity bus head has been completely damaged deformation, the front glass half hit a large hole, the intercity bus driver knocked out of the cab lying on the ground beside someone hold the bus passengers in the help, is to be dropped on the expression of pain paralysis had spread all across in confusion. According to the truck driver: I intercity bus traveling from south to north, from west to East, the intercity bus vehicles collided with their red light, he was in that direction there are two cars in the light, he is not here, there is no traffic probe, intercity bus passengers were injured. The reporter then rushed to Yangzhou friendship hospital just met two injured lighter man, they sat on the bench beside passengers and luggage, according to introduction: they had some sleeping, suddenly in a car accident after being thrown out of intercity bus driver, the front windshield was thrown out of the car. According to a master Wu introduction: at the time the car driving here, see the driver encountered a truck for brake not stopped, he immediately seized the car seat back but only slightly injured, is to take the city bus and went through a red light. Later another two men and women passengers also said the bus bus driver ran a red light and stuffed in a car accident, said before the intercity bus driver has been through a red light, at that time, he did not bother to remind the driver of the passenger. Currently more than a few passengers hospitalized, intercity bus driver serious injury has not been out of danger. Expansion of the video, with the original unrelated to shoot the driver to take the driver to take things out of the bus crash control many people were flying相关的主题文章: