Institutions to decode the holding of or shares held by the holiday rating stocks get together

Hold or decoding institutions holding festivals rating buying stocks get together three industry Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money newspaper reporter Zhao Ziqiang Qiao Chuanchuan – editor’s note: today is the last trading day before the national day, on hold and holding festivals problems may distress some investors. Analysts said, attention to changes in the rating agencies, to grasp the rhythm of the market after the holiday. "Securities Daily" Market Research Center statistics for nearly 30 days in the rating agencies, results show that institutions give 727 stocks to buy rating, from the industry proportion, household appliances, real estate and architectural decoration industry three buy stocks accounted for the number of the ratio of top industry stocks. In this paper, the industry and related stocks for analysis and interpretation for investors. Household appliances fourth quarter excess return probability according to the "Securities Daily" display Market Research Center statistics, household appliances sector 59 stocks, 23 stocks in the last 30 days agency rating is buy, accounting for 38.98%. Further, Midea Group, Qingdao Haier, GREE electric, SUPOR, Vatti shares with the boss and other 6 stocks in the last 30 days the number of "buy" rating agencies in more than 5, respectively: 16, 7, 6, 6, 6 and 5; in addition, Hisense electric, kasun, Sichuan Jiuzhou, Hisense Kelon, shares of three flowers and xiuqiang stocks such as "buy" rating agencies also were more than 3. The simple optimistic, the stock market makes the overall outstanding performance, the 22 stocks traded in the 13 stocks realized during the month rose to varying degrees and outperforming the market (stock index fell during the 2.82%), accounting for 59.09%. Among them, GREE electric, Vatti shares, Huayi compression and the Milky Way Electronics Stocks cumulative month rose more than 10%, respectively 23.25%, 17.74%, 16.02%, 10.98%; in addition, Siu Chi shares, Zhejiang Meida, three flower shares, boss appliances and HOMA stocks accumulated months also rose more than 5%. Capital flows, Siu Chi shares, shares of three flowers, the Milky Way electronics, HOMA, Sichuan Jiuzhou, Huayi compression and SUPOR 7 stocks nearly 5 days are in a net inflow of large single capital state. For sector opportunities, Changjiang Securities said that from the fourth quarter of the excess return probability of a larger plate: according to historical statistics, the plate over the years in the fourth quarter to the next year a quarter of excess returns are more significant, and the current market valuation is driven due to switching, which results in uncertainty of stock performance is more significant; and the real estate industry to pull inventory based on the effect, next year the home appliance sector to further enhance the performance of uncertainty, while pre valuation provides a better opportunity to buy; recommend Vatti shares, boss appliances, GREE, Midea, Hisense Kelon and Hisense appliances etc.. 10 real estate stocks were recommended according to "show the agencies get together Securities Daily" Market Research Center statistics, the real estate sector 136 stocks, 47 stocks of nearly 30 days相关的主题文章: