India man his wife against gambling debts of 4765 yuan to send 3 men.

India man: his wife against gambling debts of 4765 yuan to send 3 men’s original title: India man: his wife against gambling debts of 4765 yuan will be sent to his wife 3 men [global network Roundup] according to the "India times" reported on February 17th,   the 28 year old Mrs Assad did not think her husband Omar? Ali for 50 thousand rupees (about 4765 yuan) she will lose to others, even to the 3 hand "creditors". Fortunately, she was aware of the 3 men’s abnormal behavior, and quickly alarm, and eventually rescued by the nearby police station. India woman Asma recalled, her husband asked her to accompany the day before from the northern city of moradabad in Uttar Pradesh and 10 km pagbalha. When they arrived at the destination, the three men were waiting there. Asma was shocked, and she didn’t believe her husband was betting on her as a gamble, losing to three men, who would take her to an unknown destination. Asma, who was traumatized, told the India times that her husband had lost her in gambling, and she was "assessed" as 50 thousand rupees. Fortunately, when she called the police, the two passers-by happened to be the villagers of her parents’ village. They recognize Asma, go to save her from the three man’s hands, and took her to the senior superintendent of police office. Geeta Devi said investigators? They have received Asma’s complaint, and she was given a health check. Now the police are trying to investigate the exact situation of the case. In 2012, Ali and her marriage. But according to Asma, Ali showed his true colors on the first day of his marriage. Asma was attacked by him, and he gradually realized that Ali drank and gamble again. The expensive things in the house were sold by him or lost. And what didn’t surprise her was that on February 14th, she even became a bet herself. Until they were handed over to the three men, she realized that she was lost by her husband. (internship editor: Zhou Ling   peer review: Tan Liya) editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222 印度男子拿妻子抵赌债:为4765元将妻送3名男子   原标题:印度男子拿妻子抵赌债:为4765元将妻送给3名男子   【环球网综合报道】据《印度时报》 2月17日报道,现年28岁的阿斯玛怎么也没有想到她的丈夫欧麦尔?阿里会为了5万卢比(约合人民币4765元)将她输给别人,甚至亲手将其送给3名“债主”。幸好她当时觉察出对方3名男子的行为异常,并迅速报警,最终在附近的警局得救。   印度女子阿斯玛回忆说,她的丈夫日前要求她陪同到距离北方邦北部城市莫拉达巴德10千米的帕巴拉。当他们到达目的地时,三个男人已经在那等着。阿斯玛感到震惊,她不相信自己的丈夫在赌博时将她作为赌注败给了三个男人,他们将带她到一个未知目的地。   内心受到创伤的阿斯玛告诉《印度时报》,她的丈夫在赌博中将她输掉了,她被“估价”为5万卢比。幸运的是,当她报警时,两个过路人正好是她父母村庄的村民。他们认出阿斯玛,从三个男人手中救走了她,并把她带到高级警司办公室。   调查人员吉塔?德维表示,他们已经接收阿斯玛的控诉,并对她进行了健康检查。现在警方正着力调查这一案件准确的情况。   2012年,阿里和阿斯玛结婚。但是,据阿斯玛说,婚后的第一天开始,阿里就显示 出真面目。阿斯玛被他打了,也逐渐认识到阿里又喝酒又赌博。家里的贵重物品不是被他卖了就是输掉了。而让她没想到的是,在2月14日这天,连她自己竟然也 成为赌注。直到被交给那三个男人,她才发现自己被丈夫输掉了。(实习编辑:周玲 审稿:谭利娅) 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: