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Super Preview: Su Hong Kong Ningdou summit Hengda to see a team relegation suspense posters at Hengda six consecutive sina sports news Beijing standard time on October 15th and 16, 2016 Super League season, the twenty-seventh round of the tournament will be carried out, such as Evergrande will have the opportunity to beat Yongchang in the current round of the summit to achieve six consecutive years, will start the tough contest in Hong Kong. Suning will continue to champion suspense. The performance of the national team in the 12 game is disappointing, Chinese football should therefore attach importance to the construction of this platform based on the league, the current most necessary to implement the league is based on the performance of the selection highlights players. Yanbian flight vs Tianjin TEDA game time: Saturday October 15th 15:00 Venue: Yanji people’s Stadium 20 degrees Celsius weather: Sunny breeze referee: Zhao Zhizhi (Beijing): Yanbian, Tianjin TV Comprehensive Sports forecast results: Yanbian Yanbian team unbeaten with 32 points ahead of the relegation zone only 8 points, the 4 round of the League this season the case has been basically completed the relegation task, such as the continuation of the previous 6 home court 5 wins 1 flat "home court dragon" state officially landed. Yanbian team had played the game away 0-3 score, back home after the offensive and defensive performance of both ends need to boost. In the last round of the home court to Shenhua TEDA, integral stagnation in 30 points, also need to avoid relegation to complete the task to grab points. Of course, TEDA leading the relegation zone 6 points and the remaining schedule pressure is not great, can form a good, which can ensure the relatively relaxed state of mind in teda. On the road this season to TEDA played only record 1 wins and 7 draws and 5 losses, the war in Yanji is very difficult to grab points. This season first round contest both played a stalemate, TEDA with bench Fanbo in goal eighty-eighth minutes 1-0 victory over Yanbian team home court. Jiangsu Suning VS Hong Kong Shanghai game time: Saturday October 15th 19:35 Venue: Nanjing Olympic Sports Center: weather showers negative 20 degrees Celsius southeast wind 3-4 referee: Wang Zhe (Beijing): CCTV TV sports channel, Jiangsu sports, Shanghai sports, Gansu satellite TV forecast results: Suning is unbeaten momentum strong Su Ning in the last round away 0-3 defeat to Greentown, missed the opportunity to narrow the points difference with Evergrande, bear multiple round stimulated factors: Hong Kong and tough contest continue to strive for this season to 10 wins and 3 draws unbeaten home court strong, should actively grab points to prevent Hengda win ahead in this round. Su Ningru took this will greatly enhance the probability of lock up. For the super league standings top two rival Suning and realignment of the FA Cup final, such as Hong Kong can keep the current fourth ranking can get tickets for next season AFC Champions League. At present, the leading port in Hebei, China, R & F and the advantages of the national security are 7 points, to avoid being anti super small probability that is the subject of the remaining events in Hong kong. On the other hand, the Hong Kong Shenhua 2 points behind third place, taking into account the relationship between competitive rivals, Hong Kong has absolute power to enhance. Middle)相关的主题文章: