In case of the face! Japanese artists who don’t seem to be derailed

In case of the face! The Japanese entertainer entertainment, which doesn’t seem to be derailed, is a stage full of right and wrong. It won’t be as easy to live a life as a cartoon, but it’s going to be a lot of cheating. So in such an environment, which Japanese male artists do not look derailed? Recently, the Japanese media conducted a survey. You don’t think derailed the handsome actor first Sakaimasa Hito TOP10 236pt second 174pt 92pt Fukuyama Masaharu third Nishijima Junxiu fourth Suzuki Ryohei fifth Matsuyama Kenichi 81pt 50pt sixth 44pt 44pt Naohito Fujiki sixth Yosuke Eguchi eighth Nagayama Eita ninth Mukai Osamu 43pt 40pt ninth Satoshi Tsumabuki 40pt from the results, is ranked in the top 2013 married Miho Kanno Benjamin uncle. So let’s take a look at the reasons. [first Sakaimasa Hito] know that there is no scandal before marriage, the family will feel good." (34 years old) "because the wife is beautiful." (34 year old female) [Fukuyama Masaharu] "too popular, but does not seem to be derailed by the." (31 years old), "it’s so easy to get married that late." (31 year old female) [Nishijima Junxiu of the third] is very impressive. And this is my wish." (34 years old) "very serious. You should put your family first." (24 years old female) [Suzuki Ryohei of the fourth] is very persistent." (27 women) "because too frank." (33 male) [Fifth] Matsuyama Kenichi "is not too light, seems to be the pure love." (32 year old male) "gives a very simple impression. This kind of person should not betray." (26 year old female)相关的主题文章: