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Sales If you are in business then applying hypnotic techniques or using Hypnotherapy with yourself or your staff might sound both interesting and also a bit strange. Hypnosis has been around for ages, even the ancient Egyptians used it, and it is even going strong today. Hypnosis can achieve some amazing often impossible results, however if you have no interest in improving the motivation of yourself and you staff or increasing your business productivity, then this article is not for you. On the other hand, if you are keen to grow and expand and you are open minded and willing to learn, then read on! I have a business with quite a few divisions. The main section is sales of my products on the internet and my book in bookstores around the globe. In business I mostly use two different types of Hypnosis models which I will explain to you below, but first I want you to understand that these techniques are very powerful and should only be used ethically to get the best out of yourself and your staff and to help your customers to make the best decision for them and not for your pocket. Running your business this way will lead to a clear conscience and a greater feeling of well-being in your work life. So the first model of Hypnosis that I use is Conversational Hypnosis. This type of Hypnosis is great as no party other than yourself need know that you are using the technique, thus allowing you to achieve results without conscious barriers being put up. Remember that this can be used negatively as well as positively and should at all times be used ethically. I use it to motivate the people that I work with in order to help them achieve their best. This is great as it ultimately stimulates my business’ productivity. Conversational Hypnosis is rather simple to learn, however you will need to master the other form of Hypnosis that I regularly use (see below) in my business first to give you some basic hypnotic knowledge. The second model of Hypnosis that I use in my business is Self Hypnosis. In fact this is the most powerful and the one that is most responsible for getting my business to where it is today. Success is just like a lamp it just needs to be switched on! This is exactly what Self Hypnosis does. In Self-Hypnosis your brain in able to be clear to focus on what you want to achieve, thus allowing your mind to work at full capacity to give you the answers that you need. I have .e up with some great ideas while in Self Hypnosis that have really pushed my business forward. Will you be open minded enough to give it a try? Well there you have it. My advice would be to continue your learning by looking around the inter. and getting your hands on some great reading material. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: