Hubei Shayang Public Security Bureau criminal detention of 248 people to restore economic los

Hubei Shayang Public Security Bureau of criminal detention of 248 people:   economic losses of 2 million 600 thousand – Channel – Hubei Shayang 9 September, September 8th morning, Shayang County Public Security Bureau organized and striving for the national Changan cup strike exhibition and conference in Shayang city when saying Telecom Plaza, showing the image of public security, enhance the understanding of the broad masses of the people public security work, all striving for the national Changan cup. The event, the Shayang police will recover in the recent investigation of the family fled theft, theft of power facilities, case series series of truck theft property case and burglary Lottery Case 18 million yuan in cash and 3000 pounds of soybean stolen property focus back to the owner, to strike special publicity boards at the scene display, and special police organization to the people of anti-theft, anti fraud knowledge publicity, accept the on-site assistance and consulting, was highly praised by the masses at the meeting. Since this year, Shayang County Public Security Bureau strict deployment, strict management and strict regulation, strict prevention and control, in the county have been carried out against the "lie robbery" and "summer security offensive", "combat telecommunications fraud" and other special rectification action crackdown. During the operation, adhere to the police launched full participation, not afraid of hard work and sacrifice and carry forward the spirit of continuous fighting, gangs, busted, broken case, chasing fugitives. As of now, break a total of 329 criminal cases, criminal detention of 248 people, arrested 94 people, 211 people prosecuted, arrested all 156 fugitives online, destroyed all kinds of criminal gangs, 12 more than 60 people, for the masses more than 260 yuan in economic losses. At the same time, severely punish drug-related cases cracked drug-related criminal cases since 31, playing at 31 people, 40 people forced isolation treatment, community treatment 51, 220 administrative penalty, and a total of 371.11 grams of methamphetamine seized hemp fruit. In order to minimize losses to the masses, the county public security organs of the police in the fight against crime at the same time, trying to solve the ZhuiZang for victims of the masses. The return of nearly 20 representatives of the masses to recover the joy of cash and property, their spontaneous discharge from the firecrackers, and for the Shayang police to send a banner and a letter of thanks to the police to break the case, all the stolen goods section of gratitude. In the event, the Shayang police also arranged for the police to the scene of the masses to the case, detailing the suspect modus operandi and investigation of cases, to the public security knowledge and prevention skills teaching. The conference gathered at the scene of the people watching attentively study, have praised the public security organs to the private good and practical things, also said it would actively cooperate with the public security organs, to maintain stable social security contributions. (Li Xiang) share to: (: Cardiology, commissioning editor Zhou Tian)相关的主题文章: