Hu Xuefeng not retired to dream of backing the team-invictus gaming

Hu Xuefeng: I don’t want to do is to retire the dream team behind Hu Xuefeng will continue in the CBA sina sports news Beijing on October 7th news, in the eleven holiday, Jiangsu kendiya men’s basketball team is actively preparing for the preseason, Hu Xuefeng also announced that at this moment, you will be for one year in Jiangsu kendiya. At the end of last season, many fans think Hu Xuefeng will choose to retire, leaving his love for the game, but Hu Xuefeng eventually decided to fight for a year. When it comes to this decision, Hu Xuefeng said: "it’s still a love for basketball, a feeling for the team. Because we are more consistent this year’s goals, the team put into a relatively large, and finally hit a year. Jiangsu has been out of the playoffs for many years, the playoffs are the goal and dream of every player, every coach." Speaking of the new season outlook, Hu Xuefeng said: the goal is the playoffs, the competition will be very intense, each team’s goal is to enter the playoffs, there will be a lot of difficulties, I hope we can be prepared." This summer, Hu Xuefeng has been an assistant coach in the national team, which he did not conduct a systematic training, the recovery period before the season is very important. Hu Xuefeng said: the recovery is relatively tired, really older, there is a lot of injuries, I still hope to be able to do their backing. If they play well, I can’t play well." (wave God)相关的主题文章: