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How to prevent hand foot mouth disease? The parents of the children to come to look at the Sohu health physician Liu Junlian, Department of Dermatology, No.306 Hospital of Chinese PLA, brand quality management office what is foot and mouth disease: foot and mouth disease is a global infectious disease, infant common infectious diseases caused by intestinal viruses, the main performance for fever and hand, foot and mouth, hip, knee and other parts herpes, a few of the children can cause myocarditis, pulmonary edema, complications such as aseptic meningoencephalitis. Hand, foot and mouth disease caused by enterovirus 20, mainly Cossac virus A group of 4, 5, 7, 9, type 10, type B and group, type 5, type 13 and enterovirus type 71. There is no antiviral drug that has been shown to be effective against the virus, so parents are more concerned about school age children. The relationship between herpangina and hand foot mouth disease: most of the children initially diagnosed as disease herpangina, along with the development of the disease evolved into a "hand foot and mouth disease" symptoms, then let the doctors and parents often unpredictable. In fact, the two symptoms of the disease are very similar, because the Coxsackie virus is the pathogen causing herpangina and HFMD, HFMD had oral herpes, then there is foot a little rash, so newly diagnosed herpangina will be not at all surprising. The spread of foot and mouth disease: HFMD mainly through the fecal oral transmission of HFMD patients, latent infection rate, latent infection as the main source of infection, the disease mainly by patients with feces, saliva, pharyngeal secretions contaminated food and communication, direct contact with the patient worn blisters can also spread the virus is contagious, the patient’s stool in a few weeks. The main symptoms of hand foot and mouth disease: hand foot mouth disease incubation period is generally 3~7 days, there is no obvious prodromal symptoms, onset of a sudden. About half of the patients in 1~2 days before the onset of disease or fever, and rash and herpes, occurs in the hand, foot and mouth, hip four parts, the earliest symptoms of oral mucosa, showed miliary maculopapular rash or blisters, around with blush, tongue and cheek in two. Hand, foot and distal parts appear "grotesque" and "four" rash characteristic: unlike mosquito bites, unlike drug rash, herpes, not unlike oral gingival chickenpox; no pain, no itching, no scar, no scar. How to care for children with hand, foot and mouth disease? HFMD is a self limiting disease, as long as there is no complications without hand foot mouth disease to take oral antiviral antipyretic drugs in fever. The HFMD patients and nursing care should be strengthened, more water, pay attention to strengthening nutrition, rest, food with liquid and semi liquid, avoid exposure to sunlight for too long, to prevent excessive fatigue caused by lower body resistance and encephalitis and myocarditis, pulmonary edema and other complications. How to prevent HFMD: (1) caregivers for children with children before and after handling soiled diaper, wash hands, and properly handle the dirt; (2) the feces of children promptly disinfected; (3) preschools found HFMD best can timely isolation on holiday, immune to further expand the situation; (4) popular during the public not to bring children into the crowd, poor air circulation.相关的主题文章: