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How to choose a suitable game display and TV? [Sina] please do not reprint the original game near the end, each big business platform are eager for a fight for its own promotional activities, probably also have a lot of buddy to update the display equipment of their own during this period of time. Display and television mainstream size is growing, the resolution is higher and higher, the average price is getting cheaper. In the face of the temptation of low prices, in the end how to pick a really suitable for the game display devices? Today, we want to give you a little video games to introduce their little experience accumulated over the years, I hope you can help. This paper mainly focuses on the host and single game game player, or to delay not very demanding requirements of the ordinary e-sports game player. How to choose a game monitor or TV and play the game is a good monitor, or TV? The most striking difference between the monitor and the television is the size, but it is not so simple. One of the most direct and most easily overlooked questions about size is whether I have enough to buy a TV This includes your room space and your current personal life. Different sizes of TV have a best use of distance, even if your desk size enough to put down a TV, you have to consider whether there is no room for the best distance from the tv. The screen is not more the closer you will feel more comfortable if you sit too close not only hurt the eyes and may make the screen feel fine enough, sitting too far to see subtitles sight these things. Recommend the students want to buy the TV in accordance with the recommended distance table, measuring their use of space. The best viewing distance for different sizes of TV is also the personal life, which is a lot of people do not care about. If you are still in school or just work soon, there is no stable long-term residence, even if the economic conditions permit, I do not recommend the purchase of television. It will be a huge drag on your next move. What’s the difference between monitors and TVs? The most obvious difference between the monitor and the TV playing the game is the delay. The delay mainly consists of two parts: display delay and input delay. The display delay depends on the response speed of the LCD panel itself, and the response speed is directly related to the type of the LCD panel. You may have heard of many different types of soft and hard screen screen, IPS, VA, TN and so on the panel, we do not discuss the various panel is better than today, can’t deny that each type of panel has a good product, but it is IPS, which is the so-called "hard screen". The advantage of IPS lies in the relatively good brightness and color performance, excellent visual angle. While the other side of the panel is the disadvantage of the panel response speed, the early IPS this problem is more prominent, and now most of the basic IPS has no problem. Look at the parameters before buying the monitor, the response time is less than 8ms of the problem. There is no significant impact on the display below the 8ms, and a lot of TV shows no response time in the parameters.相关的主题文章: