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How does a highly mobile American Hospital coordinate with the doctor? The improvement of the quality of health care in Sohu is the eternal theme of hospital management and the cornerstone of hospital development. The participation of doctors is essential in the improvement of medical quality. The United States has a strong liquidity practitioners, both employed by the hospital doctors, more from the network of doctors and doctors in the hospital practice. How to maintain and coordinate the relationship between the hospital and the doctor and improve the quality of medical care is an important challenge for American hospitals. Herman Memorial Hospital Medical System: building a network of doctors is located in Houston, Texas, Herman Memorial Hospital Medical System (Memorial Hermann Healthcare System) is the largest non-profit medical system in the United States, the most dispersed doctor market operation, the average clinic of 1.7 doctors, hospital doctors almost do not hire. Memorial Hermann hospital and reduce the cost, improve the quality of clinical integration, testing and application of best practices and evidence-based medicine into patient care and standardized instruction set and other compulsory measures to carry out. The hospital requires its members to use electronic medical records of patients, the quality of data submitted to inpatient and outpatient patients, and to ensure the transparency of the data, thereby improving quality and reduce costs. In 2005, the school created a network of doctors, hospital – interest model with 3500 members of the alliance of independent doctors. The alliance is managed by a board of 20 doctors. Physician alliance is an independent legal entity, the importance of the medical system and the hospital’s medical system quite. About 2000 doctors in the alliance are clinicians, a model of clinical integration that draws on the APP (Advocate Health Care) promotion of physician collaboration. The Federation of physicians consists of 18 specialist clinical program committees (CPCs). In this structure, the doctor is responsible for each other, not to the management of non doctors. CPCs to help doctors hospital communication, this communication is precisely many hospital medical personnel are missing. Not only did they make rules and regulations, set clinical standards, but also focus on patient and physician satisfaction. Memorial Hermann hospital according to the doctor whether to choose clinical integration incentives for doctors. Daniel, President of the hospital, ·, said: "if the doctor can control the cost of the same time to achieve 4, 5 quality indicators, the hospital will reward him." Since the introduction of clinical integration in 2005, the average hospital stay, complication rate, readmission rate and fees have dropped significantly. For example, the average charge is reduced by 33% after the use of evidence-based methods. The doctor alliance next focuses on prevention and health care, and create an organization to become responsible Health Organization (ACO) tools. Wortmann said: we are from the service to pay model into a risk burden model, and plans to use bundled payment (bundled payment). After we will.相关的主题文章: