How A Good Dating Mantra Helps You Build Better Websites-kimi wo omou melodi

Software Building your own website is a massive task when you don’t know what you’re doing or where to start. Fortunately life has a funny way of equipping you with all the tools you need without you even realising. Who would have thought, for instance, that the answers to building a successful website were inside you all along, you were just looking in the wrong place. Stick to good dating principles and you’ll build better websites in no time. 1. It’s all in the name You can tell a lot about a person from their name. Peaches Geldof, for example, is never going to run for Prime Minister. The key to success is something short, descriptive, and memorable. And the same goes for your domain name. Once you’ve picked it, get it registered before anyone else does. 2. Believe in yourself (or seek professional help) In the dating world you have two choices; take your chances on your own or join a dating site. The same goes for designing your website. Professional assistance costs a small fortune and you can still wind up disappointed. Alternatively, lay your hands on a website builder and do it yourself (for a fraction of the price). 3. Don’t punch above your weight When faced with options it’s always tempting to go for the flashiest, but when it .es to branding and building your website, keep it simple. Limit the number of fonts and colours you use and choose a colour scheme consistent with your brand. In the end the rich guy always cheats with a supermodel and the sexy girl always upgrades to the guy with a Porsche. An unsuitable website will do the same. 4. Hosting eat in or eat out? As with getting a date, once your website is built you have to do something with it. You have two options; do the hosting yourself or pay someone else. By hosting, the onus is on you and if you encounter any problems (or burn dinner) you’re stuffed. Likewise, paying someone to do it for you removes some of the pressure, but not all restaurants are made equal. Tough call. 5. Promote yourself, you’re fabulous Even in the dating world, playing hard to get or sending mixed signals is considered uncool. The same goes for your website. Once published, you need to register with all the big search engines and ensure your site is optimised for keywords. And don’t forget to write down your web address on all your marketing materials so ardent admirers (of your brand) can find you. 6. There are plenty of fish in the sea The trick is to keep the same ones .ing back for more. The answer is analytics. If you know what your audience is after, understand their personality and what makes them tick, you can be everything they want and need. Web analysis software tells you what you need to know, like rifling through your date’s drawers while they’re in the bathroom. 7. It’s not you, it’s me If you’re getting dumped rather a lot and customers are losing interest there’s probably a good reason. Maybe you smell, maybe that noise you make while eating is louder than you thought. Whatever it is, your best bet is to ask. Feedback forms perform that job rather effectively and, you never know, some of the .ments might be positive. 8. Keep the relationship fresh You’ve published your website and things are ticking over nicely. The worst thing you can do now is sit back and relax. Like any relationship, a website can go stale faster than a burger bun in Bermuda so continually update, refresh and revive your content, particularly in response to your customers’ wants and needs. The honeymoon period may be over, but your business is just getting started. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: