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[history] lost low ranking 105 rival non Ding Junhui the worst time Ding Junhui sina sports news Beijing time on the night of October 13th, England Snooker Open third round, Ding Junhui came out cold and lost 2-4 ranked 111st in the world the occupation newcomer Jack Jones, missed the top 16 while his own record of 13 wins in all competitions also by the end of. Ding Junhui is currently ranked sixth in the world, ranking the difference between the 105 people, such a huge gap in the loss of career in Ding Junhui is not uncommon in the two. Welsh defender Jack Jones was born on 1993, in 2010 to enter the occupation, but poor performance were relegated in his first season, 2013 to return to the ranks of occupation tour, but played two seasons after relegation. This year Jones EBSA in the European amateur Snooker Championship won the runner up again to return to the game before the start of occupation, Jones ranked 111st in the world. The game Jones shot the highest score only more than and 30 points, although Ding Junhui played over a century, but the overall poor state, leading to early exit. However, the ranking is not the difference between the 105 Ding Junhui career lost the biggest drop in the rankings. 13-14 World Snooker Tournament season will occupation list expanded to 128 people, 2015 Welsh open, Ding Junhui in the first round encounter Lee Walker, Ding Junhui state in the doldrums soon 0-3 behind fourth hand pick up hit a single shot 112 points of a board, but eventually lost 1-4, It doesn’t help the situation., swallow a round fruit. Walker was ranked 121, was ranked third at the time, the difference between the top two is the 118 place in the top. In the large rankings in the loss of more than a hundred of the confrontation is not the worst of Ding Junhui’s experience, he also lost several times to no ranking amateur players. In the UK 11 months before the game, Ding Junhui was at the bottom of the state, 128 people participating in the UK Championship first round of strong or weak, Ding Junhui against England amateur golfer Adam Duffy, but the audience was suppressed, 2-6 lost out in the first round. And the 2014 Wuxi elite qualifying new season opener, Ding Junhui unexpectedly lost 0-5 to Olivier amateur golfer Brown, surprised, this is the single season Ding Junhui scored five crown after the trough; this same season, qualifying match in 2014 Jin, as the defending champions his identity Ding Junhui qualifying encounter China amateur teenager Wang Zepeng, Ding Junhui was 5-4 to get the first match point, but frequently mistake in the last two games, Wang Zepeng 6-5 was upset lore. The opponents are to replace part of amateur golfers no sign of occupation players, so it was not ranked. Now more and more snooker match, players often lianzhouzhuan, TOP16 players due to lack of energy or inadequate preparation caused by low ranked players upset It is often seen. However, the stability of Ding Junhui has been the weak link, including the September Shanghai masters the final aspirations, the first round of is almost eliminated. (new body)相关的主题文章: