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High school students because of the expression package is discouraging, so when the glass heart what teacher ah although every morning to work extra pain, but on the way to work. If you can see the sun, the mood is still very happy. Sunrise and sunset are nature’s beauty! The envy of astronauts, they can see 16 sunrise and sunset every day, it is estimated to be bored…… Fortunately, the Shenzhou eleven will return tomorrow, two had left the earth 33 days of astronaut will ~ not fat at home when they came back suitable do not adapt to the rhythm of the earth? Brother looked at this time the astronauts in space life, feel like I have no difference, work tired run down xianlaiwushi actually kind of vegetables…… It is said that in the space grown lettuce will be higher, is intended to rinse the Hot pot? Finally, I also want to use high-tech species to eat, 100 percent reflects the people’s love for food. Science and technology for the benefit of mankind is not casual. Now we can rely on the space shuttle into space, can go on the submarine, put this thing in ancient times, people would not dare to think. Particularly those brother can do housework for my machine, washing machine, dishwasher what, drying machine, sweeping robot, all are lazy gospel! Now even the washing machine washing liquid supporting high-tech up, the world is really good for us lazy…… Brother said that blue moon launched a new "machine to honour", it is the content of science and technology activity concentration as high as 47%, perfect concentrated detergent to keep pace with the world trend, a small bottle has a high energy, 660g is equal to 2.2kg ordinary washing liquid. A bottle of more than 3 bottles of people, the feeling of all of a sudden to embark on the peak of the laundry industry ~ and people even the bottle itself is very high-tech, pressing device design! Expert! Lee! Even if the 40 thousand presses can still accurate liquid pump, a 8g can be washed 8 pieces of clothes, save water and save money, you say fierce? Feel this year’s lunch money can rely on this bottle of super liquid detergent to earn back, look forward to! Recently, a news made his brother with a facial expression when a little nervous. In November 15th, a Changchun parents said high school son due to the production of a class of expression package in the group, to be the class teacher discouraging. A reporter asked, "teacher said because students sleep in class, learning to speak is not positive, but the rest of the class and parents have said is because the expression package thing. Sleep can be discouraging, brother was five hundred times…… If you really want to make a big show on the expression of the package, the teacher is too glass heart. This kind of psychological quality, not suitable for dealing with young people ah. Besides the power is too big, it makes me unhappy: as long as the Yishouzhetian, minutes to let you out of school. What kind of atmosphere can teach a good student with independent thinking ability? Expression package so interesting stuff, can keep up play slip is the idea of young people here would like to know the painting art teacher to play a bit…… At least give the best play award. Just don’t let the students kneel on the podium. Recently, Kunming Panlong District of Yunnan province Dong Zhuang primary school held newspaper awards ceremony, one activity photos of the most front 7 students kneeling on the ground holding a smile at the camera. The president explained?相关的主题文章: