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Henan university men sleep is like the most popular fan art for one dormitory dormitory beds posted posters of Wang Qiulan photo Beijing, Zhengzhou in November 1, highlighting the Nordic style Beige wallpaper, full of art fan figurines, warm and quiet "Love" shaped yellow lights…… Recently, the six sophomore boys dressed up by the Henan University of Economics and Law dormitory popular network, was praised as the most literary fan hostel. The Diy in the school dormitory is not much, so when the students the pictures sent to micro-blog and friends immediately aroused widespread concern, some of the girls have an inferiority complex and let them think boys can be so delicate. Netizen LH lemon will not sour, said: to see this group of pictures are shocked, the boys have a good mood; net friend Shunshine Ming think: dormitory good high-end ah, this is certainly the decoration team into the dormitory. There are friends that this is the most literary fan he has seen. In the end is what kind of a hostel? 2, the reporter came to be known as the most literary fan dormitory. Surrounded by yellow pattern wallpaper in the faint light looks exceptionally warm, large suitcase, violin, clarinet, small to a ballpoint pen, each of the items are placed in the well-proportioned. The reporter also noted that the dormitory on the right side of the door post black pattern wallpaper a bed beside the bed chair, white wolf mouth monkey hanging, Erwin poster, small yellow man doll in the "Love" shape of the yellow light is very exotic. In a pair of calligraphy works of "one world, a leaf of a Buddha" and against the ten vice Leslie Cheung classic posters, the whole dormitory looks theatrical full range of children. Pictured in the dormitory bed beside the ornaments in the yellow lamp is below the full range of art. Wang Qiulan like swimming, playing basketball is dressed as the founder of the dormitory. He told reporters: "we belong to the school of economics and management, is to turn professional in the university came to the dormitory, although we do not know each other, but I feel very congenial. I was the last one to come to the hostel, in order to better integrate into the big group, then proposed the suggestion to dress up dormitory, I did not expect everyone to agree." According to the dormitory dormitory roommate introduced some other items, as spent a total of 600 yuan, these materials are all chipped in to buy from the Internet, not only because it is cheap, and the species are very numerous, the most is to save a large amount of time to pick materials. "Wallpaper determines the style of the entire Hostel, which is the choice of everyone together after the decision. I like to play basketball, so I put up a poster of Erwin, one of the roommates like to write a brush, he will write his calligraphy works next to him." Li Zhuang said that in this warm big family, we put emphasis on publicity when dressed, so each bed next to the items are not the same dress. "In those days in the dormitory to a lot of classmates, have come here to visit, but also to learn here to discuss experiences, some classmates joked to the dormitory and change their." Li told reporters. To see so many students coming, there is a small sense of accomplishment, every day in high相关的主题文章: