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Henan billionaire arrested for murder was arrested after a year that was put before the victim forced confession Meryl figure. (families for map) for more than and 10 years, Shen Qing has always had a knot, he felt that his ex-wife Melanie’s death, there is not relationship with their. 2011, Shen Qing that disappeared 13 years Meryl was killed, the murder is his friend – Henan Xinyang billionaire Yang Zhicai. Shen Qing told the Beijing time (micro signal: btime007), he was originally entrusted to the ex-wife of Yang Zhicai. In 1999, Anhui Jieshou, the discovery of an unknown woman, after Shen Qing confirmed Meryl body. In 2012, Yang Zhicai and his nephew Wang Fuwei was arrested, two people admitted that together they killed her. Previously, Yang’s niece also reported to the police to kill two people. After more than a year but this murder investigation, the procuratorate decided not to prosecute the lack of evidence, Yang Zhicai Wang Fuwei, was released. Yang Zhicai said afterwards that he was forced to admit the crime. In this case the Rashomon, Shen Qing and her parents walked on the road of the complaint. Since the incident has not yet been carried out to carry out DNA detection, the source of the body has not been DNA test evidence. In 2015, the police extracted DNA samples. The latest news is that detected by DNA, confirmed that the female corpse was found in Jieshou, meryl. 13 years after his death his ex-wife "by Mei Li Yang Zhicai and my nephew Wang Fuwei partnership killed." 6 years later, Shen Qing to Beijing time (micro signal: btime007) to mention the color of the phone again, every word is still clear. This is 13 years, the first time he heard her death. Choi is Yang Zhicai’s wife. One day in 2011, she spoke to Shen Qing on the phone and asked for an interview. Two people drive to the suburbs where few people, Liu Cai suddenly cried: "I am sure to cover up the crime, immediately catch up, my shop you gave me a lot of care, I also want to help me take care of the children." Shen Qing and Melanie, married in 1995. That year, 23 year old meryl. Second years, the son was born, but the birth of the child did not make marriage more secure. 1996, two people divorced. Shen Qing told the "Beijing times" (micro signal: btime007), but after the divorce they discovered, Meryl several months pregnant. "Since it’s my child, I’ll take care of it." Shen Qing was in Xinyang in the same year to open a clinic with his brother-in-law, and in the same clinic to open a clinic in Anhui province Linquan County, Yang Zhicai brothers. Two people’s home, only about one or two km distance. In order to settle pregnant Melanie, Shen Qing introduced her to Yang Zhicai’s clinic. In 1997, Melanie had a daughter to Shen Qingsheng. Since then, Shen Qing with two children live, Meryl continues to work at Yang Zhicai’s clinic. In order to visit the child, will choose the time to contact Shen Qing meryl. But after 1999, Meryl again did not find Shen Qing to visit the child, nor is there any news. Although Shen Qing think he Never mind and "merry", but after a 7相关的主题文章: