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Hello! You go to the southern hemisphere winter! Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House (Sydney Opera House) is one of the most distinctive buildings in twentieth Century. It is located in the convenience of the port of Sydney (Bennelong Point), is the world’s leading performing arts center, Sydney landmark. The theatre designer for the Danish designer John · uesson, construction work began in 1959, 1973 formally completed the grand theatre. The sail shape, and as the background of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with the surrounding scenery side by side. The opera house is divided into three parts: Opera House, concert hall and Benilan restaurant. Opera Hall, music hall and lounge standing side by side, built on a giant granite base, each composed of 4 blocks of large shell towering top. The "shell" in order to hold for the Gulf, looks like two open the cover of inverted mussels. A high spire shell, white porcelain appearance with plaid blanket, in the sun shine, from afar, like the erection of a shell, like two giant white sailing, flying in the blue sea, the "sail roof theatre". Sydney tower Sydney tower is one of the tallest buildings in Australia, is also a famous platform in the southern hemisphere. Rotating restaurant design beautiful, unique, the table is 43 meters in diameter, the total weight of 100 tons, which can accommodate 330 guests. Sydney tower of the "air walk" project (SKYWALK) is located in the top floor of the Sydney outdoor viewing platform. Here to bring you the magic of the top of the world experience, the height of the building is two times the harbour bridge. At an altitude of 268 meters, enjoy 360 degree panoramic view of Sydney city and its dazzling, famous landmarks at a glance. When the weather is sunny, you can overlook the 80 kilometers outside the boundless scenery. The central business district on your feet, enough courage you can through the glass viewing platform overlooking the city at the foot of the busy scene. 45 minutes walking tour, it is bound to be a wonderful landscape. A warm and friendly guide to the Sydney tower will be accompanied by a detailed description of the landmark buildings in Sydney, as well as some scenic spots and some interesting and unknown history. Even if the wheelchair visitors can also smoothly in the "walking in the air". Tamborine Mountain National Park far away from the noisy crowd Tamborine Mountain National Park rainforest Eucalyptus stargaze and ornamental wild animal. This is Australia’s only night rain forest and firefly tour. Take the luxury SUV to Tamborine mountain (Mt Tamborine) peak. Stop along the way to view the panorama of the Gold Coast skyline from the hidden viewing platform. The peak at Tamborine mountain, enjoy the delicious dinner in the coffee shop, hot chocolate you can choose homemade cakes and biscuits, bubbly Karp Zeno coffee, tea or warm. Then, when the dim stars twinkle in the sky with the guide through the rain forest, the wild animal at night from sleep to wake up and start out to play. Keynes forest fire.相关的主题文章: