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A Hanzhoung man driving poison drug trafficking was arrested without trial illegal 87 Times newspaper Hanzhoung news (reporter Chen Weiping) the vehicle three years before, the Hanzhoung Municipal Public Security Bureau onhigh brigade police found in the routine inventory, a Shaanxi A licence car had 87 illegal untreated, driving men also suspected of taking drugs after drug transport. The evening of September 20th, the Hanzhoung Municipal Public Security Bureau police brigade high in Beijing Kunming high-speed Ningqiang toll station near the routine inventory, a Shaanxi A license grey Citroen cars caused police attention. Query by search control information platform, the police found the car there are 87 illegal untreated, the police immediately stopped the car a detailed inventory. The man driving the car in the inventory admitted that their own cars did not have three years after the traffic control department of the certification, indeed has been off the trial, due to illegal reason turned out to be too much, too much trouble inspection. Police in the course of the inquiry found that the man was very anxious to drive and attempted to break the card. Police quickly control after a further examination of the car and found its car with a white plastic bag that is very suspicious, open a see unexpectedly is methamphetamine. The police immediately rushed to the hospital to do a urine test, test results were positive, suspected of drug driving. After investigation, the man driving the car Wang, 35 years old this year, the car on the ice he spent 4000 dollars to buy from somewhere in Sichuan. At present, Wang suspicion of drug trafficking has been Ningqiang County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention. (Shaanxi Metropolis Daily) Note: video only extended reading. Undocumented driver ran a bit of a man was arrested XiAn Railway Station相关的主题文章: