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Hangzhou forensic 23 years and the body, dialogue, but in a sudden coma in the first line of the police story, but also the people, the people to see. "Hangzhou top ten people police contest has the support of the Public Security Bureau and the Qianjiang Evening News for many years in the Hangzhou classic events. In two years, it has been eleventh years. This year, the sixth selection, from Xiaoshan tuankou Spa Resort Hotel Co. Each session of the "top ten" award, we will share with you the story of a lot of Hangzhou police. Some of these stories, thrilling, some cobwebs; the hero of the story, some brave wit, some gentle and tough. They are our favorite policemen, they are husband, wife, father and son…… Is true to life, ordinary people are righteous. Perhaps you do not know, when not on duty, some of them will be a song picked up the flute crazy colleagues "flight of the Bumblebee", and some will be at the fish tank carefully landscaping, some nine years and the rank of the old professor "meet Tuesday" English read newspapers, some more diligently to develop powerful single police equipment, police are the most popular sparkling firearms instructor…… This generation of police, more handsome handsome, more cultural charm, more personality, the same is the purpose of "people first" is to serve the people wholeheartedly. Today, let me tell you a story, for forensic medicine, is waiting for you to go. If you have moved your police, welcome to provide clues: you can call the evening news hotline 96068, can also be directly in the money newspaper WeChat soldiers point point ASir background message to us. From October 29th to today, Hangzhou forensic Hu Lixin because of stroke has been in a coma for 18 days. He did not know how they are people moved down from the mountains, from Hujiaping village of Chunan county Wang Fu Xiang to hospitals in Hangzhou, and how after seven hours of surgery. Chunan County Public Security Bureau colleagues with tears begged the doctor to rescue him, he did not know. The eighteen day waiting for his wife and children closely, he did not know. Police across the province, including public security officials have asked about the progress of treatment, he did not know. Colleagues Lao Wang recalled the moment that Hu coma, face was still painful, "the day at 7:50 in the morning look, I think, how not to see, eat breakfast, go to knock on the doors. Did not expect…… We even Hu fainted, what time do not know! The other night he worked until 1 in the morning." Do forensic, "miserable" almost can not find the wife but he said, somebody has to do every line of Hu was born in 1967, graduated from Zhejiang University School of medicine, spent two years as a doctor, then join the police force, the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Chunan County Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade squadron master physician examination technology. In his 23 years in office, most of the year, he is the only one of the Chunan police forensic. The bodies of more than 830, more than 3000 people in the inspection, inspection bodies detection of cases reached more than 120…… These figures, ordinary people read only numbers, but only as a peer to know how hard. But one thing, it is estimated that readers can understand how miserable this work: because no wife, the old Hu Zhen had read.相关的主题文章: