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Handsome and outstanding people do not exist? Yang Yang refuses to accept! The water column cover cover Sina entertainment if you want to ask who is the most popular niche in 2016? Probably a lot of people will think of Yang Yang. The two day online furiously days "Wu move back", because the script is excellent, the director have a good reputation, actress Zhang Tianai also experienced a "grab corner" storm. But Yang Yang did not have to worry about this problem, anyway, a few months ago, the official announced that he was a hero, no controversy. "Wu" is the male, drama, the story completely around the actor, I really want to say the protagonist, it is only a Yang Yang. This is the first time Yang Yang has such an important role and play, a person to support a play, right? This year is definitely Yang Yang’s screen year". Spring Festival evening on the emotional one cry, so that the national audience to remember the 91 year old boy. Then the summer hit "smiled very Qingcheng" let Yang Yang became "national husband", many sisters every day clamoring for when God’s girlfriend Xiao nai. The national day of the schedule of the "passing from your world", in the fierce competition in the run-off won 800 million at the box office, I believe there are a lot of fans also directed to Yang Yang. Next year Yangding stalls have works of Yang and Liu Yifei cooperation "III ten peach", it is a big IP, still filming has been the topic of the full. So Yang Yang is a popular line of niche, there should be no objection to it? There is a smile before the "Qingcheng" aired, many netizens lamented, in real life there is absolutely no way Xiao Nai handsome is Curve Wrecker perfect boy. But look at the student Yang Yang, you will find that art really comes from life. As we all know, Yang Yang’s alma mater Chinese PLA Art Institute (hereinafter referred to as military), at the age of 12 he left home to go to Beijing alone in, read the Department of dance. First look at science in it, is a powerful Hin school, look at the current Dean know: famous alumni are Mo Yan, Yan Ni, Dong Jie, Sha Yi, Ma Su and so on, like Dong Jie and Ma Su are in the dance department, is the immediate sister Yang Yang. In is very difficult to test, but Yang Yang was not what professional dance. He wanted to do it for second years to test, the result of a sudden on. Maybe Yang Yang is the kind of person who has been born for the stage. His childhood love of dance, the primary school is the school dance team of the pillars, came to power can get girls crazy anthomaniac. Looks like a pair of good Meng ah. After go in, is still the focus of the crowd. CCTV has done in the interview, some just reported in students, gave Yang Yang a close-up and interviews about his knack for washing socks. We at the age of 12 at home with my parents spoiled, Yang Yang had to take care of their own in military academies. Laugh when it’s true相关的主题文章: