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Haikou woman fainted by car rolling said the driver let her lie within the district with "the woman walking car fainted after rolling escape" ignore the subsequent driver appeared after said: "she let me go" injured deny: perpetrators not only lie, but also let her lie with her, said Ms. Wang was unable to accept wound pain, lying in a hospital bed. Southern Metropolis Daily October 22nd (reporter Xu Peipei) 20 am 2 o’clock, Ms. Wang, who lives in a district of Nanhai Avenue, Haikou, difficult to sleep, came downstairs to walk. Whether physical or other conditions, she did not walk a few steps down in the village on the road, a car from the car but from her run over, then left. Although there is no danger of life, Ms. Wang was injured all over the body, is still in hospital treatment. This news after South Metropolis Daily reported widespread concern, the reporter learned today, the traffic police have contacted the driver, and ordered him to cooperate with the investigation, and coordinate the treatment of the injured. However, for this matter, the driver Lee has another argument. Lee said, when he was ready to leave the community in the early morning, after a turn, vaguely feel the body has abnormal sound, get out of the car, found a woman lying on the roadside. Li said he got off the bus and asked the lady if there was anything wrong with him. "She said it was okay, so I let go." Lee believes that the car may be just and the lady had a slight rub, and afterwards the lady sat up, not very serious problem. In order to make sure nothing big, he called two friends to discuss, and finally everyone felt no big problem, left the scene. Lee thinks he does not exist escape plot, because the car itself has insurance, he really did not escape the necessary. Allegedly, the police found Lee Mouhou, Lee made a record with other materials, also went to the hospital to see the injured, advance the medical expenses. "He’s lying." The injured Ms. Wang expressed very angry, she said, you can clearly see the surveillance video, the car from rolling past her, there was severe turbulence, not small rub feeling, and he was involved in the vehicle, has been groaning in pain, shouting "help", "the flesh of my face wear off a piece, how could say nothing to let him leave?" Ms. Wang said, "things have happened, I hope the driver can afford their own conscience, take the initiative to bear the corresponding responsibility.". But she did not expect, 22 early morning, when Li Moulai hospital found her, but also let her cooperate with lying, actively admit that he left him, she said it can not accept. As of now, Xiuying traffic police is still under investigation.

海口女子晕倒遭轿车碾压 称肇事司机让她配合撒谎   《女子小区内散步晕倒小车无视碾过后逃逸》后续   肇事司机现身后称:   “是她自己让我走的”   伤者否认:肇事者不仅撒谎,还让她配合撒谎,她对此表示不能接受 王女士浑身是伤,痛苦地躺在医院病床上。   南国都市报10月22日讯(记者徐培培)20日凌晨2时许,家住海口南海大道某小区的王女士难以入睡,来到楼下散步。不知是身体原因还是其他状况,她没走几步就倒在了小区道路上,这时一辆夜归的小轿车却从她身上碾了过去,随后离开。尽管没有生命危险,王女士却全身多处受伤,至今仍在入院治疗。   这样一则消息经南国都市报报道后引起广泛关注,记者今日了解到,交警已经联系到肇事司机,并责令他配合调查,并协调处理伤者治疗一事。   然而对于此事,肇事司机李某却有着另外一种说法。   李某称,当时他是在凌晨准备离开小区,在经过一个转弯处时隐约感到车身有异响,下车发现一名女子躺在路边。李某称他当时就下车询问该女士有没有事。   “她自己说没事,就让我走了。”李某认为,车子可能只是和这位女士有些轻微的剐蹭,而且事后该女士还自己坐了起来,问题不怎么严重。为确保没大事,他还叫来两个朋友商量了一下,最后大家都觉得没什么大问题,就离开了现场。   李某认为自己不存在逃逸情节,因为车子本身有保险,他实在没有逃逸的必要。   据称,交警找到李某后,李某配合做了笔录等材料,还去医院看了伤者,垫付了医药费。   “他在撒谎。”伤者王女士对此表示非常气愤,她说,监控视频可以明显的看到,车子从她身上碾压过去时,明显有剧烈颠簸,完全不是小剐蹭的感觉,而且自己被卷入车底后,一直在痛苦地呻吟,喊“救命”,“我脸上的肉都被磨掉一块,怎么可能会说没事让他离开呢?”王女士说,事情已经发生了,希望肇事司机能对得起自己的良心,主动承担相应责任。但她没想到的是,22日一早,李某来医院找到她的时候,还让她配合撒谎,主动承认是自己让他离开的,她对此表示不能接受。   截至目前,秀英交警仍在进一步调查中。相关的主题文章: