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UnCategorized Now that summer is winding down, and milder autumn temperatures are near, it’s the perfect time to take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. Flights from Las Vegas leave later in the morning during the fall, and this also means that there aren’t as many helicopters making the flight. This is important for anyone planning a tour because there is a high chance of sellouts during this time. So be sure to book your tour early, so you don’t get shut out. Plan Early For Best Selection Because these tours are so popular, you should try to buy your tour at least two weeks in advance of your tour date. In fact, if you will be staying in Las Vegas when you take your tour, then you might as well book your tour at the same time you book your hotel. Another thing that I tell all travelers is to book online. If you buy your tour over the phone or in person, you will pay more, plus, it is just a lot more convenient to buy your tour online. Most of the tour .panies offer special Internet discounts when you book one of their tours directly on their website. If you’re planning a helicopter tour from Vegas, keep in mind that operators only fly over the canyon’s West Rim. If you have your heart set on touring the South Rim instead, you’ll need to switch to an airplane tour. The Range Of Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours The two types of tours available are air-only, or landing tours. All Grand Canyon flights follow the same route, so you get awesome aerial views of Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon Skywalk, the Colorado River, and the landmarks around the West Rim. The advantage of taking a landing tour, and this is the one I always re.mend, is that you’ll be able to land at either the top or bottom of the canyon depending on the package that you go for. You’ll find many fun things to do at the canyon, one of them is a champagne picnic on the floor of the canyon near the river. There are a couple of departure points for Vegas choppers, you can lift off from the Strip or from the airfield in Boulder City. The Boulder City tours are less expensive, but that’s because it is a lot more inconvenient to get to an airfield so far away from the hotels in Vegas. Deluxe Tours Are Worth It For the best experience, choose one of the deluxe tours that lift off from the Strip. Most operators include a limousine ride between the hotel and the takeoff site, as well as a return trip after the tour. This is perfect for special occasions and romantic getaways. These flights also include a scenic pass over the strip, and seeing Vegas from the air is an unforgettable experience. The aircraft used on deluxe tours provide better views too. Basic tours use Bell Ranger choppers, but the deluxe tours utilize EcoStar 130 aircraft. This helicopter has better passenger .fort, and the seating configuration is arranged to give the best views, no matter where you are sitting. Wrapping Up Hopefully this article helps you realize your options on a fun-filled autumn tour of the Grand Canyon. There are many choices to consider, but you may want to pick a landing tour that takes off from the Strip because they offer a lot of perks and fun things to do. Just remember to buy your tour early and do it on the tour .pany’s website. You’ll get the best tour selections and lowest prices if you buy straight from the tour operator’s website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: