Government escort Deng Ya Ping to raise 5 billion back to the sports circle frequently to restore im-winbook

Government escort Deng Ya Ping to raise 5 billion back to the sports circle of the film to restore the image of Deng Ya Ping in the second China Youth APP contest judges. Deng Ya Ping left the people’s daily, now nearly six months. During this time, she not only opened the micro-blog, to participate in multi file variety show, but also join forces to join the tide of venture capital investors. Recently, the queen of tennis has a new action in the field of venture capital. According to Henan media reports, Deng Ya Ping team and the Central Plains Asset Management Co., Ltd. was established in Henan Province Sports Fund, the fund’s target size of 5 billion yuan, the first phase of the scale of $500 million. The local government escort, to enter the sports industry will be how to prove himself again Deng Ya Ping. Open micro-blog, play variety, to restore the public image of the 18 world champion, the first Chinese table tennis Grand Slam winner, ranked first in the world for 8 years…… Deng Ya Ping is a perfect interpretation of what it means to be invincible". Compared with the glory of his career, Deng Ya Ping was once controversial after retirement. 2013, the people’s immediate search was reorganized liquidation, the network was rumored to have a loss of 2 billion yuan, while Deng Ya Ping as the main responsibility for CEO. "Light 2 billion" rumor was finally confirmed as the face of doubts and accusations of It is sheer fiction., netizens, domineering Deng Ya Ping also responded: "fair mind, rumors will burst." The immediate search failed to let Deng Ya Ping inspirational, tough public image collapsed, her every act and every move will lead to controversy. Last year, Deng Ya Ping was appointed as adjunct professor of China University of Political Science and Law, even questioned on the network still refuse to take any payment for. Perhaps in order to get rid of the stereotype of the public eye, Deng Ya Ping in June this year, from the people’s daily news, began to appear frequently in the tv. She participated in the TV program, VC commentary Table Tennis Super League, even with her husband performing comedy sketch partner. In a comedy reality show, Deng Ya Ping and her husband put on pajamas in the show to practice table tennis. Seeing Deng Ya Ping pick up the racket again, many of the audience said that the memory of the table tennis was recalled. "Now open micro-blog, is not a little out?" During the Olympic Games, Deng Ya Ping opened micro-blog immediately sparked heated debate, as of now, her micro-blog already has nearly 210 thousand fans. Deng Ya Ping in micro-blog public favorability is significantly improved, dubbed the "original eye devil" she often questions answered on table tennis players, such as "why to bat halitus" and "horizontal right grip" etc.. Return to sports is a new regression for Deng Ya Ping’s public image, public opinion has been in a very contradictory situation. Talking about Deng Ya Ping’s occupation career, netizens are in awe, but when it comes to money, immediately change of attitude. To this day, Deng Ya Ping’s comments in micro-blog often appear "2 billion where to go," the comments, and the recent cooperation with the Henan provincial government in the establishment of the Deng Ya Ping fund has once again aroused public opinion hot debate. Recently, the Henan provincial government commissioned by the Central Plains Asset Management Co., Ltd. invested jointly with the Deng Ya Ping team launched the sports industry investment fund has been formally established in Henan Province in the province of."相关的主题文章: