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Google’s new voice assistant Assistant Apple shame BI Chinese station on October 30th reported what happened this week seems to make apple a little embarrassed. Google (micro-blog) launched a new smartphone Pixel was a positive evaluation, mainly because of the machine’s voice assistant Google Assistant. Now, for mobile phone manufacturers, it is relatively easy to make a high-end smartphone, the real challenge is to develop a unique software that can help users to do more things. Google’s new voice assistant Assistant is such a software. Obviously, Google Assistant smarter than apple Siri, more capable, which is a very embarrassing thing for apple, because Apple’s Siri starting point five years earlier than Assistant. AI and voice control are considered to be the next major progress in the field of computing (just look at the early success of Amazon Echo to understand), Google has been leading in this regard. Google Assistant is so outstanding, because of its penetration of Google’s vast network products, and integrate them into a single application, omniscient. Users use Calendar, Photos and Gmail and other Google services more times, Assistant will become more intelligent. Assistant is better than its competitors to answer the user’s questions, because it can take advantage of Google’s huge knowledge network, and provide a single answer to the questions raised by the user. Assistant there are so many impressive skills, it is impossible to enumerate here. After playing with Pixel for nearly two weeks, I was still finding its new features. "I don’t know much about what Assistant can do," he said in a commentary. "I’m always amazed when I make new demands on it. Pulled out my recent trip to San Francisco. Fix. Tell me the fastest way home. Fix. Remind me to chat with my boss when I go to work tomorrow. Fix. Play Calvin · songs of Harris and. Fix. Of course, it can take advantage of Google’s rich network of knowledge to answer your questions. When is the next presidential debate? The jets won? What is good, can book near the Hand-Pulled Noodle shop? On the issues raised by users, Google Assistant can provide a lot of answers, if it is difficult, it can be from a trusted source (such as Wikipedia) to get more answers. It is almost always possible for you to find the answer you want, although I have gone through a few rare cases — it just provides a standard list of search results for my problem. To Apple’s shame, Siri developed 5 years earlier than Assistant, but Apple completely messed it up. Siri even the most simple questions are difficult to answer. Recently, two technical columnist pointed out that these defects of Siri, Siri quickly get some of the answers to their concerns. Fortunately, apple is already here相关的主题文章: